[Opinion] Being a man in “District 31” is not always easy

I followed six seasons District 31 With perseverance and great pleasure. On the other hand, the daily series often annoys me for its marquee behavior in certain situations, especially its dealings with issues such as domestic violence or sexual harassment.

Contrary to what happens in real life, the victims of the series are mostly men. Find the error! In fact, in author Luke Dion’s story, women are often hysterical, insane, or liars.

Here are some examples:

In one episode of Season 3, a man comes to the station to complain about domestic violence against his wife. Madame has given him AIDS and when he wants to face her, he beats her with a broom. We also learned that she had sex with ten men without knowing that she was HIV positive. He eventually killed his wife and blamed police for not protecting him when he was a victim of domestic violence.

In Season 2, another episode of Domestic Violence comes up. This time, it’s a woman, Alicha, who comes to the station to complain against her husband. Sure, he has scars on his face and looks pretty random. A few episodes later, Madame finds herself in the hospital. This time he was seriously injured. Mahasaya was arrested and imprisoned.

But, in a dramatic turn of events, the gentleman’s lawyer came to the station and showed the detective sergeant a video of Madame saying someone was hitting someone. It is clear that Madame told someone to kill her, enough to be hospitalized, and especially capable of accusing Mossie of assault.

Later, he returned to the station to give a speech to Sergeant Isabel, the detective in charge of the file. “You know, Isabel, there is no presumption of innocence in domestic violence. The rest of us, guys, are immediately rotten. A

After the gentleman left, Detective Sergeant Paupo commented: “The worst thing is he is right. We (sic) get into conflict, and that’s the guy we carry all the time. “

And Poupou concludes: “It’s not always easy, being a human being.”

The damage is done.

From its first season District 31, We present the character of liars and cunning women who make false accusations. Thus, in episode 105, we tell the story of Jimmy Munro, a great Quebec star, a young man, accused of rape by Delphine.

Later, Delphine meets her friend Katherine at the restaurant, who seems to be very happy with Munro’s plight and headlines the story of sexual abuse. Both girls are proud of the consequences of Munro’s career. “And if we organize a boycott of his next concert? They wonder

Munro goes to the station and gives a version of his information: “Katherine was pregnant. I was with her for two months to persuade her to have an abortion. When I left her, she went crazy. A

Delphine and Katherine will be charged with mischief.

There is a heated discussion between Papu and Isabel. Stephen concludes: “We make quick accusations, but we are not so bad when the truth is not. They almost took this man’s life. I want to believe that charges will be brought against them, but the damage has been done. “Reminds you of something?

But the most twisted story is that of the girl who threw herself off the porch. (Season 5)

In one scene, we see him go out on a porch wearing a T-shirt despite the extreme cold. A man is embarrassing her outside, the girl screams to open the door for him, which she doesn’t. Then tries to get off the porch. The play then falls from 6 p.m.e On the floor and commits suicide.

The scene was filmed by a neighbor and widely circulated on social networks

Mr. lost his job. Also, rumors spread on social networks that he had raped her. Those who later spread the story eventually admitted that it was a lie.

Then, surprised, the gentleman sent a video to the police where we could clearly see the young woman beating him and chasing him with a knife. The only undeniable fact is that he is really crazy. We then understand why he stuck her in Bacon, although we wonder why he didn’t present this video to the police before. He would have had less problems, but we understand that the show that he was a victim would have been less credible.

Give the right time

Finally, let’s move on to the author’s perspective on feminism. In season 4, there are reports of conspirators killing feminists. For Detective Sergeant Bruno, the man responsible for the plot was “… mentally ill, and his mother was not well.”

She allowed herself to be shouted at by the feminist who condemned the conspiracy, because “… she hates those who divide the world into two, men on one side and women on the other.”

Here, it is a complete denial to admit that it may be linked to an anti-woman, anti-woman conspiracy and a certain prejudice existing in the society. It seems to me that we have already had this controversy during the Polytechnic genocide, when Mark Lepine killed 14 women as feminists.

Admittedly, women have improved a lot over the last 60 years. But there is one area where there has been no progress, and that is violence against women. To this day, there is still a lot of sexual harassment and rape. In 2021, the number of homicides has reached 7 This seems to be an insoluble problem So it is the responsibility of popular writers like Luke Dion to straighten the record.

In conclusion, I will listen District 31 In the end. But I can’t help but get in trouble that this hugely popular show distorts the reality of women so much.

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