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The Foundation for Athlete Excellence (FAEQ) and its 14 generous partners (also called sponsors) were able to reward, on May 26, 47 students with a total of $ 150,000 in individual scholarships ranging from 500 1,500 to $ 4,000. Distinguished and inspiring throughout Que Athletes 15 to 29. They include: Alex Delvax of Lac-Beauport in short track speed skating and William Sohiar from Quebec; Nicolas Guy Turbide from Quebec in para-swimming; Simon Boylard from Quebec on road cycling; Jean-Simon Desgagnes of Saint-Ferrell-les-Neজges in Athletics; Miha Fontaine from Lac-Beauport in freestyle skiing (jump) and Maxim Laundry from Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval in para-athletics. In the picture: Charles Antoine SinotAnd Marian Saint-GleisThose who have benefited from FAEQ Scholarships in the past, around and sponsors Karina MontminiShort track speed skating athlete, originally from Peribonca in Lac-Saint-Jean.

Inspirational and beloved centenary


Mrs. Gisele Lord (Photo), who has lived and lived in Jordins Jean-Bosco in Quebec City’s Chemen Saint-Fay for twenty years, is celebrating his 100th birthday today.e Birthday Gisele Hunter was born on June 2, 1922 in Saint-Cyril-de-L’Islet, growing up in a family of nine children. When she was 20, she moved to Quebec to work as a governess. In her forties, she met her Laurent, the love of her life. Until 2012, when she was a widow, they lived happily ever after for 50 years. She will break her monotony and pain by weaving blankets for International Health Cooperation (CSI). To date, there are about 90 of them covering children and adolescents in developing countries He prepares his meals and cleans his “spring” every year (for the last time, he promised), he participates in all the leisure activities of the accommodation. He is still appreciated by all the inhabitants as a vibrant consciousness and a delightful representative. Madame Lord is the sister of Raul Hunter, the famous caricaturist and sculptor, who died in 2018. Happy Centenary, my favorite Gisele.

In the heart


Biscuit Leclerc and Valero refinery Jean-Goulin collaborated on May 28 to raise 8 355,000 for the 8th presentation of the 6HN Sure at the Base de Plain Air de Saint-Foy. That’s why the Mission En Cœur Foundation has helped children and their families with congenital heart disease by providing information and support services. En Cœur aims to make you aware of the importance of helping children with heart disease and their parents.

In memory


June 2, 1953Elizabeth She was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey and made history by becoming the head of the Commonwealth and the first crowned king of Canada. He started his Platinum Jubilee today (70 years of rule).



Gary Batman (Photo), Commissioner of the National Hockey League since 1993, 70 years old … Helen Lemieux, Marketing and Leasing Director, Group GCS Development Immobilia … Mario Malvin, Quebec Screenwriter and Cartoonist, 66 years old … Craig Stadler, American golfer, 69-year-old … Larry Robinson, former NHL defenseman and former assistant coach, 71-year-old …



June 2, 2021: Bill Scanlon (Pictured), 64, American Tennis Day … 2018: Bruce Kisson, 68, who won the World Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971 and 1979 … 2017: Jack O’Neill, 94, founder of the Water Sports brand O’Neill Co-discoverer of Neil and Neoprene Wetsuit … 2016: Donnie Everett, 18, young Major League Baseball prospect (2015 Brewers Peak) … 2015: Irwin Rose, 88, American biologist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2004). 2013: Mario Bernardi, 82, Canadian conductor … 2013: Jean-Louis Joubert, 92, French singer, Member Compagnonas de la Chanson … 1999: Ulrik Blackburn, 72, Mayor of Chikotimy from 1981 to 1997 … 1986: Aurel Joliet, 84, a legendary Canadian figure … 1968: Andre Matthews, 39, precocious and precocious composer … , The Iron Man of the New York Yankees who set a record by playing 2,130 consecutive matches without missing …

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