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After three seasons on Netflix with Spandex swimsuits and crepe hats, the creators of a realistic 1980s series, False Story, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensh, Shiny (Short meaning Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), Again interested in women’s struggle. Metaphorically speaking, it goes without saying. And this time, tapping in Roars (HarperCollins, 2019), a collection of 30 short stories by the author Top seller Irish Cecilia Aheron, whose novel Life Is a rainbow The title was adapted to the movie in 2014 Love, Rosie.

Rest assured, RoarsThis bluet has nothing to do with Lily Collins, an autobiographical series available on Apple TV + in eight half-hour episodes.Emily in Paris. In fact, Roars It is intended to be a feminist series in both words and ideas. That way, you’ll notice that there’s a binomial or trinity behind each episode RoarsAs well as several names feminine in the credits.

Far from fluorescent Luminosity, The series, produced by Nicole Kidman, flirts with dark humor, fantasy and horror, among others. Despite its apparent lightness, Roars Directly or indirectly depicts the serious problems that women face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter their source, their social status or their age.

From the first episode, Channing Godfrey Peoples and Jenin Nabars work on the invisibility of black women. Inside Missing womanAn Afro-American novelist (Isa Ray) from New York travels to Los Angeles to meet a group of white men and women who will adapt to him. Sold out Where he talks about racial profiling whose victim is his father. When she tries to talk to him, she realizes that no one sees or hears her anymore.

Inside The Woman Who Eight photographsWhere a woman (Nicole Kidman) travels to Australia to pick up her mother (Judy Davis, who is only 12 years older than Kidman!) Who lives alone and loses her memory, Kim Gehrig and Liz Flahev are emotionally charged. On the way home, where her husband and children are waiting for them, the first swallows the stolen family photos from the second. Each time, he relieved a few moments of distant happiness.

Everyone has their own place

The expression trophy woman takes on its full meaning The woman who was kept We have shelvesBy So Young Kim, Liz Flahive and Carly Menash, where a former model (Betty Gilpin) Shiny) Should sit on a shelf so that her future husband (Daniel Day Kim) can admire her whenever she takes her eyes off the computer. What could happen to a woman who was raised just to be happy?

In addition to exploring the invisibility of the black woman in a white and masculine world, The woman found bite marks on her skinRashida Jones and its creator Roars, A woman (Cynthia Arevo) looks at the guilt that comes back to work after her second maternity leave. When she handles the impatience of her husband (Jack Johnson) who has taken over, her team who seem to want to oust her, her daughter’s mental blackmail and her milk has increased, she sees bite marks on her skin.

Liz Flahive and Haley Fifer’s episode menu includes sorority, rivalry, motherhood, celibacy and toxic masculinity, The woman who was fed Duck, Where an aspiring doctor (Merit Weaver) pushes his pregnant sister (Ricky Lindhome) to meet the man of her life, with a duck (Justin Kirk’s voice). After all, there are many princesses who kiss toads.

Towards life, towards death

Her own body, an unmarried woman (Allison Brie of Shiny) There is no other way but to help the arrogant white cop (Hugh Dancy) and the humble black cop woman (ego nodim) to find her killer. With his nods The ghost of my love (Ghost), That woman has solved her own murderBy Anya Adams and ladies Flahive and Mensch, about feminism and the incel (unintentional celibacy) movement.

There is a lack of communication between the couple The woman Who gave her husband backBy Quyen Tran and Vera Santamaria, where an Indian immigrant (Mira Sial) decides to exchange her husband (Bernard White) in the store after 37 years of marriage.

Finally, That girl liked horsesWhere So Young Kim and Carly Mensh borrow from the West to talk about women’s solidarity, a young girl (Five Stuart), next to the priest’s daughter (Cara Hayward), goes in search of the man who killed her father and stole her horse. Was for.


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