The king will marry Simeon II’s first granddaughter

Princess Mafalda of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha married Mark Abusleiman of Mallorca this Saturday, May 28, 2022. The singer is the first of 11 grandchildren of Bulgarian King Simeon II to get married. Significant measures were taken to protect the privacy of the royal family. Guests had to leave their cell phones at the entrance and staff signed a non-disclosure agreement.

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Princess Mafalda and Mark Abusaleiman married in Mallorca

Mafalda, Princess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, married Mark Abusleiman, a British financier of Lebanese descent, on May 28, 2022, in the presence of many members of the Bulgarian royal family. The couple, formed eight years ago, invited several Gotha members to join the civic union. The bride’s mother was married on the original island of Majorca. The marriage was not civil or religious, Mark Abusleiman is a Maronite Christian.

It was in London that Princess Mafalda met her Prince Charming, then they both flew to Boston, where they continued their university studies. The princess was admitted to the prestigious Berkeley College of Music. Mark studied computer engineering at Harvard, and was educated as a French Lacy Charles de Gaulle, Olympia, 26, and Tasilo, 20, Maffald’s sister and brother, in the high-rise Kensington district of London.

Princess Mafalda with her boyfriend Mark Abusleiman in New York on her birthday in 2020 (Photo: Dylan Travis / ABACAPRESS.COM)

After living in London and the United States, Princess Mafalda finally settled in Madrid recently. Mark works in finance and at the same time studies extra at Harvard. He is now the Vice-President of the American company Ford Global Capital Management. The princess, the eldest granddaughter of King Simeon, is a singer and simply uses the first name Mafalda as her stage name.

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Guests at Maffelder’s wedding in Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Mallorca’s choice seems to be quite normal for Princess Muffaldar. Her parents, isolated, each have a specific history with the Baliaric Islands. Rosario hails from Majorca and owns a house in Poreres, inside the island of Prince Kirill. In recent years, he has moved in with his partner, British businessman Katherine Butler. Rosario, for his part, lives with Albanian artist Henri Salar. Princess Mafalda comes to the island every summer to spend her holidays.

Mark Abusleiman with his father-in-law, Prince Kirill, Prince of Prislav in Mallorca in 2021 (Photo: GTres / ABACAPRESS.COM)

It is also in the domain of Prince Kirill’s Porres that wedding guests were invited to a pre-wedding party from Friday evening. Once they landed in the Baliaric Islands, coming from all over Europe, the honored guests joined Porres. Among them were Norwegian Crown Princess Mete-Merit and Infanta Cristina. Rosario, the mother of two princess brides, is a close friend of Nadal. Infanta Christina is also a friend of Prince Kirill.

King Felipe grew up with Prince Kirill and other sons of King Simeon II. Kirill was a longtime guest at the Merivant Palace during the Spanish royal summer vacation. Infanta has a very close relationship with Christina Rosario, who is also the godmother of his daughter Irene Urdangarin. Rosario was one of the guests at Infanta Christina’s 50th birthday in Geneva in 2015.

Prince Kubrat, the prince of Panagyurich, came to Porres with his wife, Princess Carlo, and Prince Constantine, the prince of Vidyan, with his wife, Princess Maria Gracia. Kubrat and Constantine are the bride’s uncles. The bride’s only cousin, Princess Kalina, traveled from Bulgaria with her husband, the adventurous Kitin Munoz. According to Vanity Fair, King Simeon II and Queen Margarita could not miss their grandson’s wedding. Parents, businessman Miguel Nadal and Mallorcan elite Isabel Faster Puigdorfila were also present.

Mafalda from Sax-Coburg-Gotha at Milan Fashion Week 2019 (Photo: Marco Piovanotto / Abacapress)

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King Simeon II married his eldest granddaughter

On Saturday, the wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Rosario Estate in Campos, 10 kilometers from Porres. At 5:21 p.m., the groom came driving his own car. After getting out of the car, he pressed the digital code to open the barriers, Ultima Hora said. A few paparazzi, who had posted obstacles in the way of the groom’s presence, jumped on him. “Everything is fine, thank you very much.”He replied.

A parade of cars followed, with some guests lowering their car windows to greet reporters. The bride appeared at 6:16 pm. No pictures have been released yet. All guests were asked to leave their cell phones at the entrance. “Employees, waiters, ham cutters, musicians and wedding planners have signed a privacy agreement.”Written by Ultima Hora.

According to the Spanish press, including Telva, Princess Mafalda wore a Valentino costume, whose designer Rosario was a magician as a child. Mafalda had her bachelorette party in Rome a few weeks ago, which may indicate that she took the opportunity to collect her clothes from the designer.

Bulgaria’s second semen will celebrate his 85th birthday in two weeks, and his 60th wedding anniversary with his wife, Queen Margarita, last January. The former child-king, who ruled Bulgaria from 1943 to 1946, married Margarita Gomez-Asebo in January 1962, then during two religious ceremonies, one Orthodox, the other Catholic. The royal couple had 5 children, four sons and a daughter. Their children all settled in the country by marrying a Spanish citizen. King Simeon II returned to live in Bulgaria after lifting his banishment. Involved in the political life of the country in which he was the last Tsar, he was elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria in 2001.

Mafalda, 27, princess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, great-grandson of King Simeon II. She is the daughter of Prince Kirill, Prince of Prislav, second child of the last Bulgarian king, and Rosario Nadal y Foster-Puigdorfila. She has a sister and a brother, Princess Olympia and Prince Tacilo, born in 1995 and 2002. Rosario was a model, especially for Valentino, and he came from the Spanish aristocracy. His grandfather was the 9th Count of Olokau. He now works in the industry.

King Simeon II and Queen Margarita in October 2021 (Photo: Royal History)

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The Bulgarian royal family comes from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, and all members bear the titles of Duke and Duchess of Saxony. In 1887, Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Koháry was elected sovereign prince of Bulgaria, a monarchy promoted to statehood in 1908. His descendants inherited each other’s thrones until the end of the monarchy in 1946. By the communists. The exiled Bulgarian royal family took the original family title. King Simeon II lives in Spain, and he and his descendants are known in Spanish as Sajona-Koburgo e Gotha and in Bulgarian as Saxkobargotsky.

Simplified Family Tree of the Bulgarian Royal Family (Image: Histores Royals)

The Saxe-Coburg family is one of the most important families in Europe. Two royal families still rule today, from Belgium and the United Kingdom, coming from this dynasty. Members of the Kohari branch became King of Portugal and King of the Bulgarians, and today two monarchies have disappeared. The head of the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family is Prince Andreas. Alone through Queen Victoria (Saxe-Coburg herself through her mother) and her husband, Prince Concert Albert of Sax-Coburg, who is the ancestor of many of today’s sovereign Europe, Princess Mafalda cousin with the vast majority of the royal family. Continent.

The Bulgarian royal family is named after Saxe-Coburg-Gothia, the birthplace of four royal families, two of which still reign (Figure: Historus Royals).

King Simeon II comes from the royal family of Savoy through his mother, who reigned in Italy at the time of his birth. His mother, Queen Giovanna, was the daughter of King Victor Emanuel III of Italy. The family itself is the result of several marriages between close relatives of the Carriganan branch of the House of Savvy. Mafalda and his grandfather are all close to the Savoy family, as the current head of the family, Prince Victor-Emanuel, is the son of Humbert II, the last king of Italy, and Queen Marie-Jose. Marie-Jose was the sister of Leopold III, Princess of Belgium, so she was born into the Sax-Coburg family.

The Bulgarian royal family and the Belgian royal family share the common cousin with descendants of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Salfeld and members of the Savoy royal family (Image: Historis Royals).

King Nicholas I of Montenegro was one of the grandsons of King Simeon II, just as the last sovereign Duke of Parma, Robert I, was one of his grandfathers. The Bulgarian royal family came from the kings of France by the branch of Orleans and the branch of Spain, which itself is the origin of the two Sicilian sovereigns and the Parmar sovereign.

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