The Orange Tunisia Foundation, in partnership with the Association An Enfant des Sorirus, has inaugurated its 3rd village in Bayadhat

(Orange Tunisia) – After two villages, Bir Salah and Casserin’s El Gara / Oled Abdel Mouleh in Sfax, the association was launched in 2014 in partnership with Azmi Taumi and in 2016 in partnership with Essen (Child Support Association). Orange Tunisia FoundationIn support of Orange Foundation And in partnership Association One Child, Off Smiles (UEDS), Inaugurated 3M Village, Bayadha, Zendouba, In the presence of residents and local actors and guest friends involved in the project, including UNDP, AFD, IFT and start-up Cumulus Water.

As a reminder, the Orange Foundation aims to provide the “Villages” program 3 necessary development levers To the most at-risk populations.

The Sustainable and Integrated Local Development Project, run with the support of the Orange Foundation and in partnership with civil society and local authorities, aims to strongly improve the daily lives of the villagers in a village of three to five thousand inhabitants. Promotes children and women, especially young people Education, basic health care and access to waterNot to forget, of course, when possible, access to digital technology and economic empowerment of rural women.

For the village of Beyadha, 5,000 residents will therefore benefit from these essential levers for their well-being, thanks to the great work done in the field by the UEDS-Orange teams led by the President of the Association, Ines agrees :

  • Education for All: In 2019, the primary school was expanded with the construction of a canteen, a library and 2 classrooms to accommodate 200 students in support of several partners, including Orange Tunisia. In 2020, the school joined a network of 130 digital schools – today 150 across the region – and, as part of this village program, a preparatory classroom for 5-year-olds was created. This space includes a sanitary block, a playground and a dedicated access.
  • To meet regulatory and health standards, including water access and upgrading of existing water points, tank repair work, install a motor to guarantee good flow and install filters to purify water.

  • Access to primary care and construction of a dispensary, fully equipped with equipment, tools and medical supplies. It will be able to accommodate the residents of Beyadha village for both emergency and first aid.

The project was born out of close collaboration with local authorities as well as regional directorates of the Ministry of Health and Education.

With 3M The Orange Operator Beyadhaya Village, through its corporate foundation, therefore reaffirms its commitment to fight poverty and digital exclusion through various programs and initiatives, associations across the territory, for solidarity projects that contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. Of the country.

This promise of development was actually underlined by both at the inauguration of Beyadha village. Thierry MillettCEO of Orange Tunisia, and Maya Jarbi, President of the Orange Tunisia Foundation: Has been working for over 10 years and which will further integrate with the very recent creation of the Foundation. Presence Francois CosonThe General Delegate of the Orange Foundation, on their behalf and their strong support for this inauguration, further strengthens this position.

Orange is about Tunisia

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2 Beyadhaya has inaugurated its 3rd village

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