Video Surveillance: Three technological innovations in the service of the police and the people of Nice

“Constantly looking for new technological solutions to become more efficient”, this ambition was demonstrated this Thursday morning by Christian Astrosi.

The mayor of Nice has unveiled three new technologies from the Urban Surveillance Center (CSU) that will “improve travel, traffic and security conditions” for the people of Nice. The presentation of a fourth invention should follow in a few days …

The future police station will not wait for the delivery which will centralize all the means of supervision. A valuable aid, especially in the fight against insecurity.

The mayor of Nice reported that CSU received 2,000 requisitions last year in terms of lawsuits: “the rate of information interpreted for cameras has dropped from 11% in 2018 to 20%” and “crime proximity has decreased by 40% compared to 2016.”

Camera capable of calculating traffic flow

Too many trucks, not enough cycle paths, difficult coexistence between pedestrians and scooters or two-wheelers …

Sharing public roads is not always obvious and everyone often feels annoyed with other types of mobility. But what is it actually? This question will no longer be unanswered for intelligent software developed by a French company.

For a 2,000 euro mobile license, the technology makes it possible to differentiate between pedestrians, including trucks, scooters, up to eight different modes of travel … and to calculate the exact number of users using public space.

Pictures of real time traffic jams on his mobile

Nice le 06/02/2022 – Nice Urban Supervision Center – Introduction to Innovative Security Solutions – Paper: E.Galliano Cyril Dodargani / Nice Matin.

Thanks to an internal development driven by computer services in the city of Nice, a certain number of traffic cameras will be able to connect to the Allo Myri application. This interface, which has already been downloaded by around 30,000 users, lets you view live traffic status on major axes of Nice, such as Promenade des Anglais, Mathis Road or Paillon penetrating Road. Pictures will be refreshed every five minutes. This service is available from 1er July.

On this date, the Allo Mairie app will also become interactive and allow you to ask questions directly to the municipality, which is committed to providing “A systematic response” At every request.

Mobile, autonomous and eco-responsive camera

Nice le 06/02/2022 – Nice Urban Supervision Center – Introduction to Innovative Security Solutions – Paper: E.Galliano Cyril Dodargani / Nice Matin.

The city already has 65 mobile cameras that can be moved as needed, especially in the mountains of Nice to combat illegal dumping of heavy items. However, they had to be connected to the electrical network, which limited the nomadic nature of this type of equipment. To remedy this, the municipality will invest in a new generation of cameras equipped with solar panels to ensure their autonomy. This is not only environmentally responsible but also more profitable because the price of these new generation cameras is 5,000 euros as against 15,000 for the previous version.

Identify people without facial recognition

The city of Nice wanted to be able to use face recognition but CNIL vetoed it. Yet the mayor announced that it would soon be possible to find a person, “For his own safety or for the safety of the people.”. Thanks to a new technology using artificial intelligence, but not verbal recognition, which should be unveiled in a few days.

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