A push-pull program!

Air & Cosmos is organizing, in collaboration with COGES, the organizers of Eurosatory 2022, two private VIP conferences related to exceptional networking moments and two public conferences on current issues.

Private conference program

It is no secret that the doctrine of technology and employment evolves, and the shortcomings of the military are known more quickly because the shortcomings are shared with the whole world in almost real time. This creates opportunities for forces and manufacturers to be able to detect at unprecedented speeds.

The panel of experts assembled by Air & Cosmos will allow you to identify some of these trends and developments, not to be missed for those who want to realize future challenges or position their products and services with players. Defense players. These conferences are organized to give a floor to real experts and are not intended to promote a solution or a specific industrialist.

June 14 from 9:00 am: OSINT’s contribution to satellite image analysis

Xavier Tytelman, Yannick Genty-Boudry, Anguerrand Armanet and their guests will present feedback on some usage cases and what can be gained from open source data. Economic intelligence, intelligence of military interests, surveillance of technology or counter-propaganda, OSINT irrigates all levels of modern conflict. Through examples, we will discuss collection circuits, the reliability of information, their use, and their consequences for manufacturers and the armed forces. The conference will be followed by a question and answer session and an exchange of views between the participants.

June 14 from 2 pm: Use of drones in unauthorized environments

Anthony Angrand, Yannick Genti-Boudri and their guests will present the evolution of drone use in armed conflict. Although the classification has been relatively stable so far (HALE, MALE, attack, etc.), recent conflicts have revealed porosity and complementarity between vectors: rat ammunition, fixed wings or VTOL, payload, tolerance, etc. Drones have become essential to a growing number of units, from infantry to artillery, it is also appropriate to question their interoperability in the conventional way, and the latter’s shift to the concept of technognuerilla, so far reserved for low-intensity operations. The conference, which will take strong examples and illustrations drawn from the recent conflict, will be followed by a question-and-answer session and an exchange between the participants.

Access to these conferences includes access to the Eurosatri 2022 exhibition as well as access to the Eurosatri VIP evening on 14 June. Conferences can be booked at or through the Air and Cosmos store This link. Attention, limited number of spaces. Conferences will be held in a private venue in the Eurocetry Lounge and will only be accessible to one reservation holder.

Free access to public conference programs

Conflicts raise questions that are more relevant than ever and their implications for strategy. In this context, there are a number of things that need to change for functional reasons to link the functionality and functionality of organizations.

Through this public conference, our presenters and experts will present their views on the strategy, the evolution of equipment, and the consideration of essential factors that directly affect the performance of the forces involved.

June 15 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am: The challenge of removing medical treatment in armed conflict

Whether it is for the sake of the image of the army or for the sake of its performance, the treatment of removal is essential. The transportation and protection of victims of war has direct but indirect effects that Xavier Titelman and Ian Le Goff will discuss with their guests.

June 16 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am: The evolution of logistics in the operating theater

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict has shown the importance of juice, but it has also affected the availability of very large air carriers. Helicopters have played a major role and will undoubtedly handle future development programs for rotary-wing aircraft for the purpose of transporting loads. Ian Le Goff and his guests will discuss the importance of supply in a conflict, the evolution of available equipment, and strategic trends.

These conferences are free for the public, including the Eurosatari Exhibition Access Badge. They will take place in Hall 5B in the Beauvau Room.

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