Again, the party was a success: a plane, a child, a dream

Feedback from unlike any other event.

Imagine a little boy stuck in his seat and not wanting to get off the plane. Simply because he wants the happy moment given to him to never end … This happy moment, now more than ten years ago – and before that the Young Economic Chamber of Chalon and French Rescue Croix Blanche de Chalon – Association Un Avion, Un enfant , Un rêve provides it to sick or disabled children on a great festive day.

“An experienced team at the top …”
A party for adults to attend and which now comes back every year, when the end of spring is approaching. After a two-year wait for the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic, the twentieth edition took place on the last Saturday in May at the Grand Chalon Airport and at the Ferguson Nautical Stop. – Loire. And again the party was beautiful. But what could be more natural than this, you tell me, if we believe, the mayor of Chalon, Giles Platt, was present at the end of it, and congratulated about one hundred and fifty volunteers. “An experienced and top team to bring a little happiness to all these children”. And if success is there, according to the mayor of Ferguson-la Loire, present all day and from day one, actor Alain Goudr, it is because of the family spirit that reigns in the association.

First flight and boat trip
For this recovery two empty years later, forty-five first flights in the skies north of Chalon were made on the planes of the Morvan and Basin Miner Flying Club, and about sixty boats were tripped over the Canal du Center at Cap au Large and AB. The boat. Two numbers comparable to 2019, the date of the previous edition. Within two decades the reputation of this great operation has gone beyond the scope of our department and, if most of the beneficiaries in the Chalonized region were, some came from C -te-d’Or and especially from Dijon.

Gendarmerie, firefighters and police …
If the aeronautical division of Disney Gendarmerie was once again faithful to the appointment with its EC 135 helicopter, on the other hand it was for the first time the now famous Pompeii shop, the little teddy bear, in the colors of firefighters. , Who provide comfort in caring for children in emergency vehicles Also for the first time there was a national police with two bright motorcycles from the motorized brigade of Chalon police station. In Fragnes-La Loyère, the club Modélisme Naval Châtenoyen, which is organizing its big rally on 19 June, was also present. We will not forget to mention the biker friends and the excellent drivers of my friend Michelle Isai.

As with every edition, many guests honored Un Plane, Un enfant, Un rêve with their presence. During the day, Sean-et-Loire Senator Mary Mercier and Grand Challan President Sebastian Martin. And for the grand finale, in particular, Amel Deschamps and Elizabeth Roblet, vice-president of the departmental council, Pascal Bowling, community adviser to the Grand Challan at Aerodrome, Annie Sassinol, mayor of Champforziol, Sylvain Doomsday. -Chalon, Isabel Paolo and Dominic Rugeron, Municipal Councilors of Chalon.

Air and space parachute ambassadors
Alpha Canine Agency’s Omega Dog with a very eclectic and very spectacular finale, with the Gender Marriage Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (PSIG), which showed the public behind the metal barriers how a suspect was arrested. , With Chalon’s Young Firefighter division, which has proposed a number of strategies that will make it to the national finals in St.-Om next July. And, to top it all off, the great performance of the parachute ambassadors of the air and space forces. Can’t wait for the 2023 version!

Gabriel-Henry Thulet

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