Disgusting autographed jersey scandal: a fake sick child for football club abuse

A father contacted about twenty French Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and national clubs, leaving his child ill to receive a signed jersey. Explanation of the scandal …

At the beginning of this incredible and embarrassing story, we find the tweet of the communication manager of Burg-Peronas Football Club on Wednesday, May 18. It released a video of a child with leukemia receiving a jersey from his national club favorite, Maxim Blanc.

Suffering from leukemia and undergoing heart surgery

So far, the story is beautiful, heartwarming. With the exception of another communications manager response, the Quivilli-Rouen club that is currently playing to survive in League 2. The latter realizes that she received the same request from the same child that she said she was … from Rouen and was about to undergo heart surgery. The same observation was made at Chambly (National), Oise, next to AJ Auxerre (Ligue 2) where former MHSC player Gaëtan Charbonnier sent his jersey baby, even Ligue 1 with AS Monaco.


This morning the story got even crazier, I counted more than 20 clubs and he took the identity of his colleague who was going to file a complaint against this scammer because it was his wife’s name that appeared in the emails …

1/11 pic.twitter.com/Lsq75ocl2U

– Flexi the Genius? ‍♂️ (lexFlexiLeGenie) May 19, 2022

Same scheme

Each time, the strategy is the same: via video and e-mail to the child’s illness and request for a jersey. Each time, the younger one is a supporter who has recently been forced to resign.

“We, he explained to us that he came from Beaumont-sur-Oise, explained Parisian Maxime Mallovery, CM of Ois Club. We have discussed the possibility of him coming to start the home match against Laval. “

Screenshot – Twitter

The gift of assembling at an address in the city of La Garde. But not directly with this procession or those who in return presented themselves as his parents. But in Lionel and Stephanie, this lie is unknowingly involved.

? I received the same video from his parents in January, but Lucas had a heart condition and he came from Rouen, he had leukemia and he came from Borg n Brace.

Some parents are ashamed of not having a swimsuit … https://t.co/s8waaUaAnP

– Alex ‘(lex alexdl45) May 18, 2022

On Wednesday evening, Borg Peronas’ communications manager shared a screenshot of the e-mail exchange with the child’s family on Twitter. The email comes from an email address with the mother’s name and last name. His postal address can also be seen in the text.

Identity fraud

But if the parcels arrive at his house, he does not write the messages. They are handed over to Lionel and Stephanie, despite their involvement. “We are victims of identity theft,” he explained Parisian Lionel. My wife received abusive messages and death threats on Messenger because people thought she was responsible for the scene. But it is wrong. “

I’m sure the same for us. It was a different version. https://t.co/WsG4pcoPMn

– Maxim Malovry (MMalovry) May 18, 2022

“I had a big suspicion.”

The child’s father, a former neighbor of Lionel’s, took the parcels from him after asking his permission. “I know he’s a collector of football shirts, I accepted without a second thought, still says Parisian Lionel. I had a big suspicion a month ago when a package [au nom de l’enfant de mon ancien voisin] Arrived at my house. Since this is my nephew’s first name, I brought it to him. When I opened my brother-in-law’s package, we realized that it was not for him. Inside, there was a Versailles club shirt with a message: You have the strength, the ability to fight disease. I think it’s weird, because Laurent’s son is not sick, he only has pain in one ankle. “

With CM@ AJA , I have this dad’s number and we will ask for the jersey to be dismissed otherwise we will start the legal process. We can’t let it go, especially since I’m sure there were other clubs / players.


– Flexi the Genius? ‍♂️ (lexFlexiLeGenie) May 18, 2022

“I launched this call on the networks to stop this scandalous incident, this Thursday, on RMC Sport, signaling the warning of Burg Peronas. What is shocking is the attitude of the parents. Everyone supported the child, which is clearly being manipulated.”

It deletes all tweets

A successful bet for the communications manager who contacted the child’s father and asked him to return the jersey … “Otherwise we will take legal action. We can’t let it go, especially since I’m sure other clubs / players got twisted.”

This Thursday morning, he deleted all the tweets shown to the child, as well as exchanging emails with his mother, where anyone could read the name used, as well as the email addresses of the heroes of this sick story.

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