In Wasellon, the shadow of the national assembly extends over heaven

“On the front line of the RN” (2/4) – Nothing is missing for the inhabitants of Vasselon, a picturesque town between the foothills of Vosses and Kochersburg. However, they voted more for Marine Le Pen in the 2022 presidential election than in 2017. Report the cause not found.

In Wasselonne, a small town in Alsace between Kochersberg and Vosges, life goes on quietly, enhanced by the song of birds and the swaying scenery between the historic buildings and the surrounding green hills. This Thursday, May 19, municipal agents are busy changing the geranium that adorns every street corner in the city center, and at noon the Asparagus is announced at Le Bauque Bar, where two retirees are sitting. While giving them a demi sip, they promise each other a “perfect siesta”.

In this seemingly beautiful environment, on April 24, 2022, 1,483 Vasselonis threw a Marine Le Pen ballot into the ballot box. This means that the city of about 5,700 inhabitants voted overwhelmingly (50.56%) in favor of the ultimate right in the presidential election. For the first time.

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This is also the case with Melina’s mother, a shopkeeper who voted blank in the second round. For him, “People here, like my mother, are no longer racist. They are annoyed by the government’s liberal policies.” It starts with a little help from the neighbors, but it quickly recedes into politics and the extreme right, “he lamented.

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Soap Box Race, Sunday, June 5 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in downtown Wasellon. Fireworks at 11 pm.

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