Insem Association, thirteen years in the service of others

Led by Latitia Kuchi, the association has been fighting for more than ten years to serve the families of sick children who suffer double the pain of leaving the continent for treatment.

In Association Insem: Serving others for thirteen years

Led by Latitia Kuchi, the association has been fighting for more than ten years to serve the families of sick children who suffer double the punishment of leaving the continent for treatment. The highlight, of course, is transportation and care for parents. As the transportation problem is finally resolved, new perspectives are opening up for the association, which includes family housing in Paris, Nice and Marseille …

When he formed the Insem Association twelve years ago, Lattia Kuchi relied on his own experience. And it is undoubtedly because of this, and with the deepest sympathy that characterizes him, that he led a ruthless fight with his entire team all these years. A fight that never ended, far from it. To do this, first recognize the structure as public utility (decree of July 15, 2019) but above all avoid double punishment for the families of sick children who are forced to leave the continent for treatment. So, inevitably, 2021 will be marked with a white stone. “We had a wonderful year, Recalls the President, It was identified, in fact, at the end of a long struggle over the care of a sick child’s second companion on the continent. On arrival, a heavy fight for a relief but logically something logical. A

From now on, the association can focus on housing components. ” Autumn time, Laetitia Cucchi adds, We have organized a collection as part of the crowdfunding to buy an extra apartment for the family called to stay in Paris. A

Forty-five annual events

From this perspective, the year 2022 presents itself with the best sponsorship with the purchase of two studios in Marseille, still ill and to accommodate their families. In total, the association has four apartments and soon has six apartments with two additional purchases from La Timon in Marseille. But “Insem” doesn’t want to stop there. “What we have achieved in Paris in 2021 is currently under construction, we hope it will be available to families before summer. A A good sign for the future. Especially since the health crisis seems to be lagging behind for Laetitia Kuchi and her team who will be able to resume normal activities, especially with the collection that forms the lion’s share of the association’s funds. “We hope that everything will return to normal at the health level. Laetitia Cucchi adds, It is true that again last year, many events had to be canceled but thanks to the solidarity of our partners, we are still able to raise enough funds to buy these two apartments. The generosity of the Corsicans, again, was present and we can thank them because they were there despite the crisis.

Outside of these places of residence, which constitute one of the priorities of the association “Because there is always a shortage, Remember Laetitia Cucchi, the collection will continue throughout the year. We have about one demonstration every week, we were in Murzhou on May 8 for “A festa di a natura”. Operation Casa Rosa, set last March, has worked very well, we are waiting for the results, all is well, but the fight is on … “

In all, forty-five events are organized each year by the “Enseme” association. With, as a high point, the big Christmas lottery which highlights. So many points were discussed at the general session of the association held on 23rd April. An association that continues, always in the same spirit, the work has been done since its inception in 2009. And a fight to help the sick that continues to intensify …


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