Legal: “We must sign an agreement for new growth,” said Didier Martin.

Didier Martin held a meeting at an industrial building in Darwin on Wednesday, June 1, in the first constituency to be invested by the presidential majority. The outgoing lawmaker defended the “principle of support for investment, innovation, for tomorrow’s jobs, for low-carbon activity.”

A meeting at Darwin Aerodrome for a campaign that is being taken? Or rather a projection of the future to prefigure the new destination of an unused building? Didier Martin’s planned “lighthouse evening” was the “decarbonization” of the Robin aircraft at the same time this Wednesday, June 1st.

The meeting was the twentieth of the 26 public meetings planned by the outgoing deputy of the first constituency in the first phase of the assembly elections.

Currently undecided, the architecturally significant industrial building on the edge of the D971 has been reserved by the candidate’s campaign team to highlight the third-place project carried out by wooden aircraft manufacturer Robin Aircraft.

In 2017, Didier Martin was elected against Francois-Xavier Dugard (LR) with 54.14% of the vote and 45.86% of his vote. Convinced by Emanuel Macron’s score in the first round of the presidential election (33.48% against Marine Le Pen’s 21.39% and 15.62% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon), the Presidential Ensemble-invested candidate addressed the vote of choice.

A meeting in an art hangar

Hundreds of people gathered at the hangar to admire Robin as the planes took off from the airfield runway this Wednesday evening. Everyone agrees to recognize the originality of the decor.

The audience includes a number of personalities: Monique Baird (without label), Mayor of Plumbieres-les-Dijon, Gerard Herman (without label), Mayor of Corseles-les-Montes, Philippe Meunier (without label), Mayor of Belfond, Ludovich Rochet (various). On the right), Celine Violet (LCOP), Mayor of Braganon, Mayor of Pask and Cote d’Or Divisional Councilor and Farmer Jack Carlet de Loisie, who came from Houtville as a “Citizen” and “Neighbor” – Les Deniz, Dr. Dennis Tennenbaumke Not to be outdone, Dijon’s deputy mayor, Franোois Tenenbaum (PS), apologized this evening.

The various components of the presidential majority are represented by Franোয়াois Desili (Modem), Deputy Mayor of Dijon, Jean-Philippe Morrell (Radical Party), Dijon Municipal Councilor, Saliha M’Piai (Progress Zone), Opposition Municipal Councilor Chenov, and Claire Voyer (Claire Voyer). , Municipal councilor opposed to Dijon.

“Employment Financing”

The candidate’s alternative, Catherine Refait-Alexandre (Renaissance), was the first to welcome participants and introduce herself (Read our article) Catherine Refait-Alexandre recalls that, in 2021, the President of the Republic, Robin, visited the airline, which benefited from the French recovery plan. The plane installed in the hangar was even presented in 2021 in the garden of Elysee for an exhibition made in France.

Robin is the CEO of Aircraft and vice-president of Didier Martin’s support committee, continuing to immerse Didier Martin of Casimi’s Pelicia in a “blue heater” and company employees and welcome “business support” from MPs.

“Didier [Martin] And there was the good idea of ​​the government, instead of financing frustration and unemployment, to create jobs, ”the entrepreneur added.

Casimi’s Pelicia then boasted of a “very nice retirement” from aviation. “We will take care to make our planes more wonderful and less polluting,” he noted.

Daniel Juban expresses “frank and overwhelming support” for Francois Rebasman

“President [de la République] In order to govern, there must be a majority, “announced Daniel Zuban, Dijon’s municipal councilor (without a label), holding a microphone. In the past, Bernard DePierre (UMP) was a substitute for the Middle East in his second term as deputy in the same constituency from 2007 to 2012.

“There are poor young workers and this is a problem in our country,” he said, referring to “purchasing power”. He also apologized for the absence of Francois Rebsamen (PS, Progressive Federation), vice-president of the support committee, and expressed his “frank and overwhelming support” for the candidate.

“Working on financial optimization of health

Oncologist by profession, Professor Pierre Fumoliu returns to the theme of health: “Didier [Martin]There is a truly positive balance sheet for your health. “” We have clearly improved the access to care, especially in the absence of residual costs for hearing, sight, and dental prostheses. Is done “, he specifically listed.

Outside of the balance sheet, Pierre Fumoliu mentions reforms related to the “attraction of health care to hospitals” and the fight against “medical desertification”, the latter being probably accompanied by “restrictions on the right to benefit.”

“We will not be able to do everything,” warns the caretaker, “to work on financial optimization of our health, it is necessary to repay some medical laws that are not relevant to care, to invest better in innovation. In health, artificial intelligence, re in France.” In industrialization. “

The intergenerational theme goes back to Dijon’s deputy mayor, Lady Funder-Mani (PS), who recalls that the law on autonomy and aging is “what we need”. The construction site of the fifth branch of social security has been acquired at the end of the previous five year period.

Reporting for young people

Representing the youth with the macron of Côte-d’Or, Manuel Seedorf took to the stage for a remarkable performance, showing that the next generation of SAMs (seniors with macrons) are ready.

The first-year student at Sciences Po indicated that he was fighting “the extremes of all stripes and the demagogues who reject European projects” before taking stock of the previous five-year period on youth issues.

And to list the abolition of social security contributions for students (“125 euros”), increase activity bonuses (“90 euros per month”), 750,000 scholarships for students “150 euros” during the health crisis, “one for 11 million students” -Euro cross meals “, upgrading the professional sector and” hiring bonuses “for apprentices or even one-young-one-solution plans.

Didier Martin defended the “investment support policy”

When an aircraft engine makes a loud noise in the distance, the candidate begins his speech Mejo voice, Left the stage and went to the front row to greet his family members present. “This five-year office as a deputy, after life as a doctor, after life as a local elected official, has taught me a lot,” he pointed out in a sympathetic register.

Didier Martin then took up the theme of agriculture, mentioning the same morning at the invitation of the contestants as well as the FDSEA of C -te-d’Or (Read our article)

In particular, instead of the “government spending cuts” demanded by François-Javier Dugourd (LR-UDI), Didier Martin defended the policy of supporting investment, innovation, tomorrow’s work, carbon-free activity.

At the economic level, the candidate says he is “listening to fellow citizens” and “to adapt to our productive tools” and thus “make room for strategy”.

“We need to re-sign an agreement for new growth, rational growth, a decarbonized activity. Growth is essential if we want to consolidate and repay investments for the future. For that we have to work harder, produce more. The debate is being waged with full responsibility by society, “said Didier Martin in a forum reference published in April 2017, urging people to vote for Emanuel Macron.

Acceptance of pension reform

Although the issue of pension plan reform was present in the presidential campaign, especially under the crossfire of Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon, the issue seems to be acceptable as the legislature approaches. Franোয়াois Patriot, who still treated her during the May 23 campaign for Fadila Khattabi (Ensemble) (Read our article), Do not address it in his speech today.

“This is a debate on joint action, this is a debate that must start in our country’s forces: unions, employers’ organizations, economic and social and environmental advisers,” said Slip Didier Martin.

Defense, justice, education, biology … The outgoing deputy quickly outlined Emanuel Macron’s promise during the president’s campaign. After cutting the source, “the measure of social justice will be allocated to the source tomorrow,” he assured. In terms of security, “ten thousand new cops and gendarmes” are expected.

Ahuy development construction on LiNo

Returning to a local matter, Didier Martin tackles the LiNo file which annoys many drivers with the now famous roundabout in the middle of this national highway.

“The state, which has studied, needs to release funds to address this problem with the construction of a new development around Ahua,” announced the speaker who wants to expand the anti-noise system in Fontaine. LES-DEGON.

He called on the re-elected president of the republic to give him a majority

First to the support committee, Franোois Patriot said the last word to close the meeting. The first-hour walker is called upon to support the candidates in the Borgogne-France-Comte – even outside it.

He delivered a well-rehearsed speech with good words and sharp arrows, the essence of which was revealed in an invitation: to give the re-elected president a majority in tackling the “challenge”: food, security, the environment or even energy.

The meeting ended with a moment of relaxation around a buffet filled with local products. Seven meetings are still waiting for Didier Martin until June 10 for the first round of campaign meetings scheduled for Dijon with all the candidates with a majority of the presidency in the five constituencies.

Jean-Christophe Tardivon

Didier Martin wants the president to “continue the work of change” in the majority

Didier Martin took the “pulse of the company”

Candidates make their bets for the Cote d’Or assembly election

First Constituency Candidate (by Electoral Panel)

1- Didier Martin (Ensemble)
2- Antoine Pilon (La France Insumis, Knops)
3- Grace Gardier (National Assembly)
4- Ambrin Mohammad (re-conquest)
5- Sladana Zivkovich (left)
6- Immortal Titraui (various centers)
7- Dominic Gross (Democratic Independent Workers Party)
8- Julian Thevenin (Workers’ Struggle)
9- François-Javier Dugourd (LR-UDI)
10- Frank Ayache (various centers)
11- Manon Borguiganon (Patriot)

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