Maxim talks about the 35th edition of Laundry Operation Infant Soleil Telethon

Children’s courage, the resilience of their parents, and the complexity of their collaborators who form a large, tightly woven family: Maxim Laundry spoke enthusiastically about Operation Enfant Soleil, presenting its 35th edition live from Theater Capitol in Quebec.

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Maxim, this is your 13 yearse Operation Infant Soleil Telethon, isn’t it?
Exactly after the 2009 victory Star Academy, I was invited to sing in Operation Infant Soleil Telethon. I liked the setting environment and was so “connected” with the family that I told the production that I wanted to be more involved. The following year, I joined a team of collaborators distributing checks. Then, in 2015, I co-hosted a telethon with my beautiful friend Annie Broccoli.

Teams of collaborators usually visit the hospital before the telethon. What happened this year despite the epidemic?
Yes, we met some families, not two meters away, four meters away and in the open air, to stay as safe as possible. These moments are very important, because it is through these reports that Enfant Soleil and his family tell us their stories, each touching more than the other. Operation Infant Soleil Telethon lasts 24 hours for us, but for them, the disease lasts 365 days a year, including round trips to the hospital which makes a huge difference in the lives of their children.

Photo: Ladislas Kadyszewski

Siddique Abu Bakr, a 15-month-old boy, is one of the sick children receiving donations from the public.

How do you manage to maintain control over the animation when there are great emotional moments?
Annie and I sometimes after a particularly touching performance by an artist or when we see a video of a three year old Sun Child explaining to us that he had “a big wound” and that he must be treated. Our complexity of recovery is such that if I keep cracking, Annie prepares for the situation and vice versa.

There will be several artists again!
Winners are Bruno Pelletier, The Bole Sister, Patrick Bruel, Roch Voisin, Luke de Larochelier, France D’Amor, Lawrence Jalbert and Crystal Mangeu. Star Academy 2022, Will be paraded especially on set. I’m sure if the telethon lasts a week, all the artists in Quebec will come and see, because they all want to take part. Each of them is happy to be there, doing it for the right reasons and donating their fees for sick children.

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Photo: VAT

Photo: VAT

Artists, like animators, tattoo their hearts because of sick children!
That’s right. And the public too! In the last two years, despite the epidemic, people have been very generous. During the telethon, I say to the audience, “Do you have healthy children or grandchildren? Give back some of that fortune by donating to Telethon. “Operation Enfant Soleil Telethon is a huge movement of solidarity with sick children and their families. And that’s what kids feel! Recently, I chatted with the mother of an Enfant Soleil who explained to her The girl was very nervous on the eve of her eighth open-heart operation.

Annie Broccoli: Making a difference

Photo: Bruno Petroza

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“The members of the animation team have created a wonderful bond. We are much more than co-hosts; We are real friends. We are making a difference by joining hands with all Quebecians to support sick children and their families. ”

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