A major investigation revealed that the game did not exist and painted a portrait of an annoying creator

Abandoned It was like the summer soap opera of 2021, as rumors about it spread everywhere, with twists and turns that delighted fans of the theory. Those who firmly believed that Kozima was behind this nonsense, and others who thought it was an inexperienced small studio that had trouble communicating well, Abandoned Became familiar to everyone. But there was radio silence for a while, and Gamespot investigated the project, before finishing Abandoned In the end just a chimera.

It was all a smokescreen

The site then reveals that over the past few months, the idea behind the project has not stopped changing. The game then spoke of highly developed and dangerous artificial intelligence, then of vampires, then of cult, before returning to the classic survival-horror. All of this really shows that Hassan Kahraman, the main developer of the game, has no idea where it’s going, but it’s far from the worst here..

Gamespot also hints at thatThere is no definitive proof that the game exists. Site sources point out that there is no game behind this story, just the reason Kahraman will wait for the investment to make a playable proposalWhich is far from being achieved.

The site then leans towards Blue Blocks Studios and confirms that it was created with 10 people in 2015, but the status of the company has not been updated since, when Kahraman said that 50 people are working on it. AbandonedIncluding external staff.

Portrait of Hassan Kahraman, a vague and annoying man

Hasan Kahraman 3

But where did the investigation really go? Gamespot has discovered the existence of a private online chat roomWhere information about Kahraman will be available.

Fans were supposed to get an exclusive picture of the team’s game, which Kahraman himself would have chosen by inviting them., His choice based on research done by fans. Yes, we almost fall into depression, especially when we knowA 12-year-old child was apparently part of the group, which allegedly threatened to kill itselfKahraman without intervention.

The group then vowed not to disclose anything to the rest of the world, even signing a kind of non-disclosure agreement, a copy of which Gamespot received. And when a fan opposed the creator, it was guaranteed exile, otherwise Kahraman formed a new party. He is then described as having a very changeable mood, getting angry when asked about progress, before he apologizes for his behavior.

Gamespot even reveals itShe wanted to have a professional and romantic relationship with one of the group at the same time, Promises to pay him when the work is done. As a result, their ‘break’. He also tried to make deals with other members The deal fell into disrepair after supporters shared his home address before the deal, with the United States paying the latter to save a physical copy of the game. When we tell you that we become obscure.

But to satisfy his audience, Hassan Kahraman occasionally hints at development. Finally, fake. Investigators then say he released a so-called audio file recorded in the studio that he shared. In this audio file, which can be found on YouTube today, There is a text in Japanese that was originally translated by Google Translate, and which, for Kahraman, was intended only to surf on the Kojima theory.. The creator then denied the leak, and did everything in his power to find out which group member leaked the file.

And when he talks about his “partners”, such as Nuare Studio or Geoff Keigley (the game was shown at Gamescom last year), it’s not in very good terms, since he qualifies as their “D’Crooks.” You’ll notice the embarrassment here.

Abandoned will never come out, will wander

The site also learned that the group had seen Kahraman spend his days playing other games and that The latter admits that there is no abandoned development. There will only be playable proposals to attract investors.

And with the long history of Kahraman’s abandoned projects, it’s hard for a first-time investor to see anything other than a scandal that would have the madness to start a venture. We encourage you to read the full article on Gamespot for more details.

In short, Abandoned Sounds like a huge jokeThe portrait of Hassan Kahraman seems to be moon-shaped, far from being ridiculous. So we can only advise you to stop waiting for him, stop theories with Kozima and stay away from this whole thing, which is becoming a growing scandal.

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