A woman hears her son joking with his poor grandfather, who lives in an old caravan.

A woman teaches her son a lesson when he hears him joking with his grandfather, who lives in an old trailer. The boy despised her because she did not live in a nice house and she had no money.

Brian is disappointed when he learns that he and his mother Alison will leave with his grandfather Jeff. Their mother had been fired and had to leave the place where they lived because she could not afford to pay the rent.

When Brian learned that he had to stay with his grandfather in an old trailer on the outskirts of town, he was furious. “I don’t want to go with Grandpa! My friends can see me sleeping in an old trailer. It’s embarrassing!” He shouted.

“Brian, be careful what you say. Staying with Grandpa means we have a decent roof over our heads. Some people have no choice but to sleep soundly,” Allison replied.

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Although Brian doesn’t want to, he and his mother go to live with Jeff. Brian did not greet his grandfather when they arrived and stayed in the corner, busy with his phone.

After capturing the lost time with her father, Alison decided to talk to her son. “You know, Brian, you have to appreciate the fact that you have a family that cares for you. Some people don’t have family or friends. Be grateful for what you have,” he told her.

Brian rolled his eyes and walked over to Grandpa, who was finishing a cup of coffee. “Do you have any food?” Brian asked.

“Of course, boy. I have beans and bread. Do you want me to make you a sandwich?” Jeff asked.

Brian scoffed. “Beans and bread? What are we going to eat here every day? You’ve lived a long time! You have time to make money. How are you still poor?”, He asked sarcastically. .

Jeff didn’t answer but quietly wiped the tears from his cheeks and took a cup of coffee with a trembling hand.

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Allison heard Brian mocking his grandfather and felt hurt for him. “Brian, stop! Be thankful we have food too. Others don’t …”

Brian didn’t let his mother finish. He rolled his eyes and replied, “Mom, I don’t care what others have! What the United States has! What we don’t have. I’m tired of comparing our situation with others.”

Alison grabbed his hand and told him to follow. They headed for the nearby bridge, where several homeless people were warming themselves by the fire. The woman called one of them. “Steve,” he said.

As the man approached them, he was surprised to find that Brian did not understand why his mother had brought him there.

Alison took her son to a nearby bridge where he called a homeless man. | Source: pixels

“Brian, this is Steve. This is the dad you’ve been asking to see for so many years,” Allison revealed. Brian was shocked and couldn’t believe his mother’s words.

“When you were young, your father wanted to be rich, but he didn’t want to work. So your grandfather came forward to help us buy a house and a car. Then your father met a rich woman and left. He had a house and a car. Sold, leaving me with you, no money in my name, “he reveals.

“Go ahead, Steve. Tell Brian what happened next,” Allison insisted. By then Brian had both hands in his pockets to keep himself from shaking.

Steve sighed and started talking. “When I ran out of money, my new family left me and broke up with me. I’ve been down the street, and I’ve been here ever since. I’m sorry, boy, I’m sorry that you struggled all these years because of me. I hope you will forgive me. ”

Steve reveals his past story to Brian, who is surprised by what he hears. | Source: pixels

Brian couldn’t help but cry when he heard the story. He realized how much his mother and grandfather had sacrificed for him and how ungrateful he had been for years.

“I’m always sorry to ask for more, Mom. I should have realized how much effort you and Grandpa put into raising me in a healthy home, but I took it for granted. I hope you will forgive me,” Brian said. He hugs his mother.

Brian then turned to his father. “I never knew you, and I’m not attached to you, but I want you to sleep better at night, so please know that I’m forgiving you,” he said.

Brian then invites Steve to the trailer to be fed. He handed a bean to his father and watched him eat it temptingly, to Brian’s surprise.

Brian realized how blessed he was and chose to be a better person because of what he had discovered. | Source: pixels

Jeff knew how much Steve had brought to his daughter’s life, but he welcomed her into his home. “Go ahead, sleep on the sofa. I know you haven’t slept well in so many years,” he said with a thread pillow in his hand. Steve thanked Jeff with tears in his eyes before going to sleep.

When he fell into a deep sleep, Brian took the time to apologize to his grandfather. “I’m sorry, Grandpa. I was an ungrateful boy. I appreciate you giving us canned beans. These are delicious. What will happen to this trailer? This is my home, and this is the place. The most comfortable in the world.”

Brian begins to help his mother and grandfather. After school, she took a part-time job to help with their daily expenses and did housework instead of using the phone all day.

After being hired at a local cafe, Brian recommended his father to the owners and helped him get a job as a security guard. Since then, Brian has become a responsible young man who always puts his family first.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Always be grateful for what you have. It’s easy to compare our lives with those of our peers, but it’s important to understand that we are blessed separately. Be grateful for what you have and constantly strive to work for the life we ​​want to live.
  • Don’t judge people without knowing their story. With no money, Brian quickly judged his mother and grandfather. However, he later realized that they both worked hard to give him the most comfortable life possible.

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