An Auvergne historian wrote to the Queen of England with his best pen

On Thursday, June 2, Elizabeth II, 96, appeared before the crowd at the start of a ceremony in honor of her seventy-year reign, scheduled for Sunday. Near Clermont-Ferrand, a historian picks up his best pen to write about the Queen of England. He explains to us the meaning of his gestures.

Your Majesty, to pay my respects to you at this moment of your Platinum Jubilee celebration, allow me to write you this humble note sent from the heart of the Avargen volcano in France.It was in these selected words that Johann Picot chose to address Queen Elizabeth II to mark the 70th anniversary of his reign. The historian and independent historian lives in Rowat near Clermont-Ferrand. At age 39, he took his best pen to address the Queen.

However, he is not one of the few caricatural groups of the queen. He points out: “I’m a historian of the past, I’m a medieval through training, but for 6-7 years now, I’ve been working mainly on sand epochs and the 19th century. It all started in April last year, when the Duke of Edinburgh (Queen’s husband, editor’s note), Dead. I learned that there was a mourning guest book. And so I wrote. It was a digital guestbook. I’m not a fan of royalties. But I see it as a historian, but also as a citizen

With fountain pens, black ink, off-white Clairfontaine paper, momograms and wax seals, Johann pulled all the stops to write to the Queen. He admits to correspondence like this every day. Johan, who lives in the Grand-Hotel-Majestic Palace in Rowat, remembers what he wrote: 1952-2022: For 70 years, you have embodied power with authority. Your sense of duty and your unwavering devotion to the crown honors you and commands respect. Ever since you ascended the throne, you have inevitably witnessed the end of a world with the time of your ancestors directly from the sand epoch. History looks at you today and widens the pages of his memoirs. Your Majesty, enter into the legend and join the inner circle of those who say they will make history

The historian explains: It has been three generations since man was born under the queen. They have lived with him forever. He was born in 1926. It’s like summarizing the history of the world with him. That Always challenged me. You can say almost all the popular devotion is the relationship between the man and the crown. There is something sacred, we are in a kind of civic religion. There is a kind of sacralization of his personality. It’s not my interest, but I observe it. I pretend to be a historianHe followed: The crazy thing about this woman is that she has no right to exist as a suitable woman. His whole life comes down to the unveiling of the crown, the maintenance of the crown, the fit in a very long continuity. He has no right to express himself. After all, what challenges me today is the contrast between this woman and the fascination she can create. Like the monolith, it must be the kingdom of permanence, that is, its kingdom, its life, and its former. Nothing moves. It’s immersed in protocol and I think it’s awesome, in contrast to what we’re feeling today, the order of motion, the order of change.He added: I think I was challenged by the jubilee because I also worked at Ryot to celebrate Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1887! A party was held at the Grand Hotel in honor of the English bathers’ colony where the Crown’s heirs came three years ago. It also explains why I’m interested

The doctor of history likes to remember Elizabeth II The first one to send an email, has a Twitter account. He even dared to perform with James Bond during the 2012 London Olympics. To make his letter perfect, Johann had to follow a few rules of etiquette: “There is a protocol, I asked through Buckingham. There are shape and style recommendations to follow. You can write in English or French as he is completely bilingual. He will never see the mail. It doesn’t matter, the idea was to send something to highlight his archiveFrom now on, Johan will check his mailbox to see if the maharaja’s services send him a miss:I believe they have an obligation to respond, they explain that they usually recommend typed writing, a typescript. I like archive policy, manuscripts with signatures. They usually take responsibility for responding within three weeks, but I’m afraid it will be even more so in the context of the jubilee.To wait, the historian sees pictures of the jubilee of this Thursday, June 2, in the replay, as he was ahead of the high school students during the royal festivities.

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