“Being a Dad Wants Me Better”

In 2007, Julien Dore, a complex and introverted young man of 25 years, went to the casting “from the side” during his youth. New star And almost before he could sing, Marian James kicked him out. A few weeks later, he won the tele-hook and began a brilliant career in music without false notes. The one who came back to our microphone in a full live fly accident has inspired us for the last 15 years as well as his peaceful life as a parent in Sevens and his beginnings. Voice Kids On the eve of quarantine …

Julien Dore:When one is hired Victory And we don’t have, we’re upset… “

Tele-leisure : All five of your albums released between 2008 and 2020 have been successful And let you win four Music wins (Two in 2009, 2015 and 2021). Have you made a shelf for all those trophies?

Julien Dorey: No, because it’s a bit like gold, platinum and diamond records, I don’t put anything in my contacts because, if it’s my point of view, when I have to make a new page, I have to write a new song, so it’s a thing of the past. Reminds. The first was Victor de la Music, I gave it to my parents the next day, the second went to my grandmother.

Do you still value these trophies?

When you meet all the Zeniths of France on each tour and your previous two albums are diamond discs … the truth is with all these people who come to see me and listen to my music. It is more intense than a reward. But let’s be honest, when you go to an event for which you have been nominated, of course you want to get this award. Interviews where empty handed artists say “I am very happy to have been hired already“It’s wrong! When you don’t have it, you get bored! It lasts 24 hours and that’s life.

Julian Dore’s young father: “I can’t allow myself to be overwhelmed by despair

In 2018, you have Leaving Paris To settle in your local area. Why?

The man I wrote in his head that one day he would come home, surrounded by oak forests, valleys, nature and animals … that’s where I feel happy. Here, the people I meet, I’m just Alice’s guy. I’ve planted my tomatoes and my peppers, I’m making my olive oil, and as soon as I talk to you I see my raspberries, my mulberries and my strawberries!

Aimee, Which is Triple Platinum and released in 2020, targeting children. Next year, pink notebook, you There is a baby boy ! Some signs don’t lie …

Transmission is the most powerful symbol of this disk: what are we going to do in a world that is going wrong and that is being damaged, holding the hands of those who are not told to stay there? This reflection is even stronger today: being a parent makes me want to be better. I can’t blame both for my presence on this planet and I can’t allow myself to be overwhelmed by despair. I had no idea when I was writing that I was going to be a dad, that’s crazy.

Julien Dore:I am not afraid to disappear artistically and in the media

You will soon Coach Voice Kids. You were not surrounded by so many children!

I accepted because I finally found the words to talk to these little ones who dare to come in front of us and sing. I sang with the kids, I have a little one in my life, I think I have the same language and we understand each other when we talk about life. Louane and I were newcomers to the program but the pressure went away quickly.

In July, you will celebrate your 40th birthday. Are you worried about getting old?

Everything is fine. I’m not afraid to take this step because I’ve achieved all the things I thought I would do later: come back home and be a dad. In the last five years, I have taken many strong steps that have allowed me to calm down. I’m not afraid to disappear artistically or in the media. The coming years could be made up of music … or vegetable gardens and olive oil. The key is to keep things going for the right reasons.

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