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Storing, classifying, finding digital content and accessing it has never been so easy.

Valbane, June 2, 2022 I TidyUp Technologies, a South Azurean company, is developing a solution aimed at facilitating the daily lives of VSEs / SMEs, communities and associations.

Over the last 30 years, the basic concepts of computer tools for filing and storing documents have changed little. They need to adapt the user to what the computer tool allows them to do. On a daily basis, many small and medium enterprises are overwhelmed by the number of digital conversion solutions in the market and do not find their advantage.

How many users are actually limited by IT solutions with which they do not feel completely comfortable? How many small and medium-sized businesses, local authorities or even associations do not have the resources or time to adopt an effective, automated classification system to suit their needs?

Counter-intuitive, complex, difficult to access, document management tools often make small and medium-sized companies vulnerable.

Strongly respond to this challenge, it is Sophia-Antipolis, In the southern region, TidyUp Technologies has chosen to launch its activities. New software publisher, part of TidyUp TechnologiesRequires a user And d ‘An Attitude of Entrepreneurs in the Field To offer a practical solution for small and medium sized companies, especially VSE / SMEs, local authorities and players in the community and the voluntary sector.

His solution Tidy up Wants to become Intelligent solutions for viewing and storing digital content. Saving, searching, and optimizing your documents has never been so easy, accessing all digital content has never been so easy. No more hassle with file saving and filing. This TidyUp technology promises about 3 strong promises: FaithI ‘Innovation And Simplicity.

TDUP Technologies Hall Bringing together a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills To ensure the development, marketing and promotion of innovative solutions that put artificial intelligence in the service of simplified storage, but above all in the service of the user.

For Leonard Cox, co-founder I managing director : ” Providing solutions is what entrepreneurs are all about. It is a collaborative adventure that we are embarking on with enthusiasm from the South to meet a specific need for simplicity expressed on a daily basis for users who have already begun digitization or do not know how to get involved. Innovation and digital means making life easier for VSE / SMEs, regional players and associations. This is our purpose, we are now working to develop our solutions A

For Céline Payelle, co-founder I Chief Communication and Marketing Officer : ” TidyUp and our team are the driving force behind responding to user needs. Our goal is to save small and medium-sized companies from the nightmares of document management and to provide them with a simple and reliable solution for archiving and archiving digital documents to support them in digital transitions. A

About TidyUp Technology

TidyUp Technologies is a software publisher and integrator dedicated to the digital transformation of VSEs / SMEs, civil society and regions. Its TidyUp solution aims to ensure reliable, intelligent and simplified management of digital content for small and medium-sized businesses, local authorities and community and partner sector players with a priority: to place artificial intelligence in digital content storage services. Located in Sophia-Antipolis, SAS – Southern Alpes-Maritimes, TidyUp Technologies is a member of Telecom Valley, the French Tech Cote d’Azur, the Union for Enterprise 06, Richelieu Committee and Medef International.

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