Defamation, reputation, impediment … how the damage was calculated

This will probably be the most publicized court decision of 2022 (and probably 2023). This Wednesday, a Fairfax, Virginia court jury convicted Amber Hard for defamation against Johnny Depp, ordering her to pay her ex-husband $ 15 million in damages. Judges also ordered Johnny Depp to pay his ex-wife দুই 2 million for defamatory remarks made by his lawyer. But in reality, things are not so simple. With the help of American legal experts, 20 minutes This case really tells you what will cost both parties.

How were the losses of Johnny Depp and Amber Hard assessed?

First, it should be noted that in this case, Johnny Depp claimed মিল 50 million in damages from Amber Hard after a column in 2018. The Washington Post Where he claims to have been a victim of domestic violence. The actress noticed her ex-husband without naming him directly. Johnny Depp’s lawyer then mentioned a “set up” in the newspaper Daily message In 2020, which led to a counter-attack on the actress, claiming 100 100 million in damages for defamation.

“In a defamation suit, assessing damages is very difficult because we assess the emotional damage caused by public speaking and the damage done to professional reputation,” commented Mathilde Philippe-Gay, a professor of public law at Leon 3 University, an American constitutional law expert. Added to this is that the two heroes are well-known people, whose careers have been damaged due to this relationship. According to entertainment expert Katherine Arnold, Amber Hard will lose between থেকে 45 million and 50 million. According to Johnny Depp’s lawyers, they have estimated the loss of the Hollywood actor at 40 40 million.

Why is the amount of fine so different?

First, the offense is not of the same order. “The jury probably felt that Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s defamatory remarks were reported in an article. Daily message Mathilde Philippe-Gay says it was less serious than keeping it in Amber Hard’s gallery, which was published in a major American media outlet. For the first time, it is also a question of “fraud” allegations. For the latter, allegations of verbal, physical and sexual violence.

Each of the actors’ careers comes into play … of account. Although Amber Hard was a well-known and emerging actress at the time, Johnny Depp remains one of Hollywood’s most famous superstars. According to our experts, the effects of defamation and consequent damages were therefore considered more important by the judges

What does Amber Hard really have to pay?

Despite being convicted, Amber Hard did not have to pay 15 million to Johnny Depp. First, the actor has to withdraw the two million that he now has to pay from this initial figure. Then, “Out of the 15 million fines, ten are compensatory damages that we have in France. The other five so-called “punitive” damages, which we do not have, are explained by Mathilde Philippe-gay. “It simply came to our notice then.

“In Virginia, the state in which the trial took place, the amount of punitive damages was limited to 350 350,000,” Mathild Philip-Gay recalls. Calculated: ্ব 8,350,000 left for Amber Hard to pay Johnny Depp. To pay for this, she could draw from the seven million lost after her divorce from the actor in 2016 and which she apparently would not give to the association as she had initially announced. And to remind the law professor: “It could also be, if there is no dispute and the case is over, that there is an arrangement or agreement between the two ex-spouses. It is quite common in the United States. A

At the time of writing, Amber Hard’s lawyer, Elaine Bradhoft, has ruled that her client has been “haunted” by Johnny Depp’s legal team and cannot pay more than আট 8 million in damages. The lawyer said he wanted to appeal the decision.

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