Future Feminist, March 8 Collective’s new inspirational theme

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For International Women’s Day, March 8 has chosen the collective theme “Future Feminist of the Future”. An expression that invites us to look forward, not forgetting the actions and promises anchored in the present moment.

Collectif 8 mars brings together various unions and feminist organizations. For its spokesperson, Melanie Eder, president of the Federation des Famেসs du Quবেbec (FFQ), this future feminist will only be possible if it is approached at other social turning points. “At the moment, there is an acute crisis caused by the epidemic, which will continue to happen. And to be able to deal with emergencies and real situations that people live in every day, the future must be feminist, inclusive and environmental. A

Behind this slogan, we find a visual identity signed by painter Stacey Belanzer Bien-aim. We notice that a pair of hands are making a garland of flowers, the foundation of which is laid on the street horizon. According to Melanie Eder, this promising picture is a call for solidarity. “The purpose of this film is to show that we must combine our efforts to achieve a just feminist society,” she explained. Shaking hands shows that women’s resistance has existed for a long time, the ancestors have the knowledge to be eternal. A

Towards economic autonomy

The epidemic for women and its catastrophic consequences continue to plague members of Collective 8 Mars, representing 700,000 Quebec among them. “Poverty has increased among women. They occupy the most precarious jobs, the lowest paid and the most risky jobs. In 2021, Statistics Canada revealed that women were most affected by job losses due to the epidemic. From March 2020 to February 2021 , They accounted for 53.7% of job losses year after year.

Furthermore, collective demands revolve around the fight for equitable access to public services. “The balance of work-family-studies is our concern,” said Melanie Aderrer. “For example, day-care access is really a central issue this year and we know it affects women more than men. In response to this lack of childcare space, – The Mother Place of Travel (MPAT) movement, an initiative of Laurent resident Miriam Lapoint-Gagnon, appeared on social media in March 2021 and joined a large number of parents across the province, claiming that, among other things, day-care centers Access has become a right in Quebec, which was not upheld in the Bill to amend the Educational Child Care Services Act introduced by the CAQ government (not the bill).Oops 1).

Speed Electoral

“What we want is a profound change, be it social, economic, cultural and political,” said the FFQ president. To be a feminist in the future, it can’t be static. We need a change that acknowledges that women have pluralistic, diverse voices and experiences, intermittent oppression. Real, concrete change is needed to meet the needs of women and respect their dignity. A

According to the spokesman, there will be an opportunity to hear these demands during a virtual debate planned jointly with the major parties on March 8. The debate will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. “We want to know exactly how different parties position themselves on issues that affect women,” said Melanie Eder. It will help women to know the position of the parties and their commitment. A

For the spokesperson of the community, this symbolic day still has full meaning. “Even today, for many, it’s Women’s Day,” she notes While this is not the case, it is a struggle for the recognition of the rights of all women. It shows that the barriers we live in, especially with racist women, disrespectful women, indigenous women, need to be addressed today. This day is essential, because it is not settled. A

For every win comes part of her predicament, Melanie Eder recalls, which justifies that the fight must continue. “And we will continue to do so,” he insisted.

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