Growing references to web and API development

With less than 50 projects successfully completed in less than a decade of existence, the Lyon-based web agency GETINOV is gaining notoriety. His specialty? Development of web apps and connected objects.

A common passion for web development

Customer service chatbots, CRM software, mobile apps, business interfaces … You’ve probably already benefited from the members’ skills. Getinov Don’t know! Agency, Special Web application development AndTechnical architectureBorn in 2013 on the initiative of Mark Zackier.

The 30-year-old did not enter the area completely unknown to him: at the age of 18 he was credited with creating the first company and long professional experience in computer security, robotics and electronics.

GETINOV now supports many start-ups, but also a number of core accounts. Formed exclusively by enthusiastic experts, the team provides a variety of skills to the agency’s clients, ranging from general API development There is Web architecture More complex, higher loads in the cloud or data center.

Good to know

Gatinov, located in Brignes, southwest of Lyon, now has more than a dozen skilled workers in various fields:

  • Developer
  • DevOps;
  • Project managers;
  • Marketing and Digital Communications Officer;
  • Responsible business …

The company is constantly growing to meet the needs of its clients. It should have 20 employees by September 2022.

Wide range of missions and skills

Web and API development, mobile apps, IoT …

A specialty of GETINOV is the variety of missions and projects performed in web and API development:

  • Chatbot platform Relying on the latest generation of artificial intelligence;
  • API for Connected objects (IoT or Internet of Things) and dashboard;
  • Mobile apps for this University ;
  • Customer Relationship Management Application (CRM);
  • Application Intranet ;
  • APIs and Business interface ;
  • Web portal for Training Center ;
  • Interface and Embedded apps For connected objects …

This versatility is based on proficiency in different languages ​​and structures in front and back office: Symphony development And PHP, Python, GoLang, C / C ++, Qt, Vue.js and Node.js, HTML and CSS …

Technical architecture and cloud computing

Web agencies especially industrialization and Scaling web application And mobile for their client company. Services offered include:

  • Process automationContinuous integration and deployment Mobile apps (CI / CD);
  • Its design Cloud ArchitectureThrough Kubernetes or other leading solutions;
  • Development In the application container ;
  • Its optimization Cloud hosting costs (FinOps);
  • Improvement Reliability Application system in terms of availability, performance, latency, efficiency and event response capability (SRE).

The missions conducted by GETINOV are not limited to pure creation. Agencies are also involved Project recoveryFor partial or complete overhaul of code or a Technical architecture. Many apps or APIs can actually cause problems after the user’s strong growth and significant increase in load. In this case, GETINOV provides efficiency Measurable and tailor made solutionThe company’s new operational constraints are more adaptable.

Advice and training in web architecture

The current expansion of GETINOV is also required by the diversity of its missions. Some clients of Leon start-up now also call its services for support Upgrade skills Within their teams, often for the management, installation and maintenance of a web or application architecture.

Good to know

After less than ten years of existence, the GETINOV team has already achieved its feat:

  • More than 50 projects successfully supported;
  • More than 100 GIT repositories;
  • Set up about twenty Kubernetes cloud clusters;
  • More than 4,000 CI / CD pipelines running.

Tailor support for all your web projects

GETINOV’s goal is primarily for companies of all sizes to develop a web or mobile application, to rehabilitate an existing application or even to optimize their technological architecture and their IT costs. The success of the agency is based on a personalized and unique approach, especially for a design Jailbreak solution :

  • Diagnostic and screening stages;
  • Recommendations and Proposals episode;
  • Design and observation stages;
  • Maintenance phase.

The continued development of new application architectures, especially in the connected world, will bring increasing value to the eyes of GETINOV’s client companies.

There are three main things to keep in mind:

  • GETINOV specializes in the development of web apps, APIs and connected objects (hardware, interfaces, embedded code, etc.).
  • The Lyon Agency is growing and should double its staff before the end of the year.
  • It offers custom development solutions, code creation or rewriting.

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