Immunizated caregivers: Symptoms of covid management

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Posted on June 4, 2022

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A patient recently pointed this out to me: Politicians have followed scientific advice. Apparently, the doctors were working to manage the epidemic: lies. It was the politicians and their personal advisers who paved the way, to the chagrin of many colleagues with whom I associate myself. And I’m working on a facility where there are lawsuits from the beginning.

Covid’s catastrophic management

In medicine, there is information verified by studies, developed with the level of evidence. We evaluate a therapy, we establish its effectiveness and any practitioner can go to the television set to present the conclusion. And then the emergence of an emerging disease, for which there is no bibliography, no evidence of any level anywhere. So we rely on the opinion of the experts who remain the opinion, regardless of the expert. Politicians, like journalists, make a gross and fundamental epistemological error: in science, the truth lies in the data, not in men or institutions.

There is no better scientist in the world who never makes mistakes. A scientific council has issued an opinion, fine, but it is the politicians who have imposed their measures. Remember that even the scientific council has at times cried out in frustration at eating his hat: don’t talk to me about the treatment decision. A recent study comparing different policies in different countries shows that many colleagues who did not share the council’s views were not systematically wrong. Government measures have been grossly excessive and often their outward appearances have been strongly detrimental. Excess Mortality, Excessive Illness, Mental Illness, Economic and Social Consequences, Consequences on Healthcare Actors …

The state has remained deaf to dissent. Worse, the president has made generations of vaccines resistant, saying they should be annoyed. I’m still looking for talent in this formula that implies its natural resemblance At the same time. I don’t think the vaccine is extremely dangerous, because we hear it here and there and I believe it brings hope but be careful: it’s an opinion. I am a urologist and have not read everything published about him.

Strong opinions, one way or another, tire me out: this vaccine is certainly effective, but it remains relative and concise. The epidemic was in the last stages of his life and things are hard to separate. One thing is for sure: it is not as sterile as the smallpox vaccine. This in no way escapes the onset of the disease, as former conspiracy theorists have moved really fast today. I still think it should have been reserved for at-risk patients. Increasing the annoyance, those who sincerely feared and feared this vaccine have proved incapable of being ignored.

Was the goal to impose the perfect retrospective lesson on civic virtue, to damage the future acceptability of the vaccine, or to adopt it with intelligence and subtlety? I am currently trying to persuade a patient and friend to have a quick surgery. If he doesn’t follow me, he’ll die in six months, like 4-5 more people in this mental state in my career. Tell him hip pain? I leave it up to the little ones: I aim for skill and I don’t think I have the right to judge, even if he let himself die.

I think captivity was excessive and harmful. I can see that those who argue that the epidemic was not sketched by the government and the press are still attacking from all sides, but it cannot be stopped. Five million deaths worldwide have been counted since the 1957 Asian flu and the 1969 Hong Kong flu, and since then the counting system has advanced. And beware of articles comparing models and real figures. The health policy was based on simulations of epidemic distribution by bogies that did not deliver on their promises.

Remember WHO estimates for Africa and its millions of victims. The time has not yet come for artificial intelligence to replace human intelligence. Common sense and observation still have their place. During the epidemic, I regularly asked the most anxious patients if they really had a sense of heckathomb in their group. They ended up saying no. Except for certain areas, France did not suffer much. Now, my question concerns the proven victims of the vaccine in the direct team. Also countless “Tired of the third dose” Those who have exceeded the nocebo effect, resulting from the general atmosphere, are exceptional cases.

In the case of immunized caregivers

But I forgot. Yesterday’s Debate: Two to three years after evolution, the page turns, like every epidemic since 1895. So are these plagues. The controversies that arose during Covid were comparable to the course of the Spanish flu massacre, which rarely increased the human species … Victims of the “war” led by French technocrats, immunized caregivers, stood by the roadside

Vaccinations have not been given due to ongoing health disasters, but are extremely necessary. Every week, ARS contacts us to record closures, follow-up and rehabilitation care here, elsewhere, emergency, leisure home unit. The health system is dying. Lack of nurses everywhere. When I made this announcement, a colleague called me a conspirator. I guess realizing this prodigy. But a conspirator, one is often the only one for a place of escape when one can be a lifelong fool. Clinically, non-vaccinated reunions won’t change anything at all, so let’s get back to the basics, in these marquees related to educating chaotic little people.

In these two years they have not understood or learned much. Listen to the official spokesman again … The inventory of the last 50 years, this long way to the downfall of super-ruled France, is enough to acknowledge that nothing will change if we do not get rid of these deadly centralizations and intervening instincts. The day before yesterday this system on the left, the hell of Bastiat, had a dead end. Its president should be careful: there is only one time to provoke the people. In a country where poverty is rampant, the health system is being damaged, such as the judiciary, the army, the police and the civilians …

We have to learn to deal with what is left of our splendor. We will adapt, we are already adapting, but technocracy does not change anything. Its arrogant condors in the suite have survived the ordeal of the ENA file, unlike the low-emission bastard. So they had the advantage of ruling. So we will continue on this path, refusing to integrate non-vaccinated caregivers who are no more a threat than vaccinated, keep away patients who do not complete the formalities, thus this 4 year old child, who did not pass for PCR absence. Admission stage and I did not operate. And the resignations of the nurses will follow each other.

My God, 5 years old: I broke off the last relationship that kept me in touch with the French ruling class long ago. My family and my patients need me. The rest … I just think a certain macron will see the boomerang he threw at people. By my reckoning, he would soak it directly into the horn and I wouldn’t feel sorry for him anyway.

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