Lara Fabian wants to start a family with this coach of The Voice

Lara Fabian has everything in life to be happy. In fact, it is a woman in love in the arms of Sicilian magician Gabriel de Georgio. She has been a full-fledged Mao since she became the mother of Princess Lu, born in 2007. Lara Fabian is passionate at heart and you may not know it, but she had a love affair with a famous singer. We are revealing his identity to you.

Lara Fabian A love experience with a capital A!

Lara Fabian is very popular with her community on social networks. The singer has a generous follower and he does not hesitate to share the small secrets of his daily life for the greatest pleasure of internet users. This Tuesday, April 5, we recently saw that personality The stars at home 7 posted a new snapshot on his account Instagram.

Former coach for once Voice The simplest way to explain her beauty routine to her subscribers. “A little natural make-up after my favorite beauty routine. Ready to start the day, He wrote in the caption of the photo which you can see below. One thing is for sure, he smiles all the time!

In the photo, another detail surprised internet users. We can see some of Lara Fabian’s shoulders. Always very classy, ​​Belgian-Canadian singer suggested instead of showing. Anyway, the fans really appreciated this picture! Let’s go back to his love যদি if he is still in a relationship with Gabriel de Giorgio, do you remember that he was in a relationship with the famous singer Patrick Fiori?

Lara Fabian had a romantic passion with a famous singer

Patrick Fury and Diva survived a passionate and truly sincere love story. Two artists met in Canada. Here is what Lara Fabian said at the time: “I am sure I have found a father for my future child. I was a woman before I became a mother, but my heart was already thinking about all this.. Alas, after a two-year relationship, from 1998 to 2000, they suddenly broke up when they went crazy about each other. Did the extra mediation in their personal lives destroy everything? Rediscover the lazy kiss in the video below Manchi, cloudy, but we can see how much they can not let go!

We will never know the reason for their separation, but one thing is for sure, they loved each other deeply. Patrick Fiori had already fallen in love with Lara Fabian before crossing the road, as she explained: ” When he released his album. I was in my car in Azakio and I listened All. I said to myself: ‘What a voice, this girl!’ When I saw him on television, I screamed. We met later, when I was working on her album in Canada with her producer Rick… a real princess. I already loved him! A

Everyone has rebuilt his life by his side

Today, Patrick Fiori and Lara Fabian find love again. In fact, the singer has been married to his wife, Arian Quatrefages, since 2008. Thanks to his wife, he is the happy father of two sons born in 2009 and then in 2014. “Being a father is what changes everything! It changes our lives and it changes our lives as well as our work. Whatever it is, as far as I’m concerned, life has priorities. And I understood very well where I was. The music is great, it’s a work where I have fun and it’s great, but my priority is my family. Singer explained. Lara Fabian can say the same thing that motherhood knows!

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