Tesla could have a functional humanoid robot prototype in September, says Elon Musk, who wants to build the project for a breakthrough in common artificial intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence are now such that autonomous vehicles know how to maneuver when stopped by police to comply with highway codes. Elon Musk is drawing attention to the issue by announcing the possible availability of a functional prototype of a humanoid robot next September. In the background, what is at stake is the advancement of common artificial intelligence. Elon Musk wants to be part of this future guide where machines will enrich common sense.

While waiting there, the humanoid robot Optimus will be equipped with artificial intelligence trained to perform repetitive tasks. Tesla Optimus was first introduced in 2021 during a day dedicated to artificial intelligence within the company. Elon Musk then insisted that this would be a real product, not a vague idea. Now, about ten months later, it has become a little more specific. The machine will weigh about 60 kg and measure about 1.77 meters. It will be controlled by voice recognition. The robot can travel at a speed of eight kilometers per hour and can carry objects weighing 20 kilograms. While in the resting position, the Optimus is said to be able to lift about 70 kilograms, handling 4.5 kilograms when each arm is pulled. Its entry into production is scheduled for 2023 The robot will take care of tasks that are highly repetitive and therefore annoying or dangerous to humans.

With the advent of so-called General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) these developments are not too far off and should be taken on a larger scale in the future. From 2017 (where Elon Musk claimed that artificial intelligence is a fundamental threat to humanity) to 2020 to 2019 (where he announced that AI is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons), the position of technology billionaire. So stay fixed on the issue. Elon Musk’s fears relate specifically to the fact that advances in the sector could lead to so-called general artificial intelligence (AGI). It will then open the door to the perfection of defeat. Research teams like OpenAI have been launched in this corridor. If we mention the reactions of scientists working in the field, AGI could fall on us in 5 to 10 years. At the level of common artificial intelligence, they will be able to reflect causality, that is, the ability to reason why things are happening. This is the level at which research teams in the field are noticing.

Humanoid Robot Optimus has added a list of projects that were publicized during their initial presentation to the public and whose results are still awaited: a network of solar-powered superchargers, rocket trips from city to city or an autonomous vehicle that continues the power debate. Experts in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are of the opinion that the Optimus robot is a very ambitious project given the time frame given by the company.

And you?

Do you think Tesla Optimus will go beyond the humanoid robot announcement?
Fear that robots will surpass more sensible humans than anything else?
Does the fact that there is no AGI at the moment disprove Elon Musk’s prediction?
Is it impossible for research to be directed at common artificial intelligence?

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