What to read in June? Advice from Flers Agglo Media Library staff

Staff at the Flers Agglo Media Library released their preference for June 2022. © L’Orne Combatante

This month, staff at Flers Agglo (Orne) ‘s Media Library recommend an activity guide, a comic strip, a novel, an essay and a movie. Get around different Media Library de Flers, Briouze or La Ferté-Macé to borrow these choices if they are still available.

“0-6 year old Montessori Activity Guide: Accompanying the Exploiting Mind of the Child”, by Mary-Helen Place

Education Montessori The child learns through experimentation and autonomy, based on the freedom of choice of his activity. In this book, 400 Awakening Activities have been put together to support you Children From birth to 6 years of age and to him to discover the world around him. You will find ideas for observation, manipulation and experimental activities at home and in nature. To learn more about this method, the introduction restores the life and thought of Maria Montessori.

Can be found in youth areas Flores Media Library, Educational Collection Shelves (Code: FP ACT).

A favorite of Justin from the Flers Media Library

“The Petrified Heaven”, by NK Jemisin

“The point to remember here: the end of one story is just the beginning of another. The story. When we say “this is the end of the world”, it is often false, because the planet is doing very well. But this is how the end of the world happened. For the last time. A

My undisputed favorite of summer 2019, Trilogy From the broken soil of NK Jasmine. I was fascinated by this work. Not a false note, the psychology of the characters is very realistic, 2 strong women, no secondary character is incidental. A post-apocalyptic world that I have not yet read. No extra pages, just a brilliant description, a sequence of crazy inventions. Each Volume is provided. I will not say more, but read these 3 masterpieces that you will find on our shelves in the adult sector of JM. Science fiction.

A favorite of Florence from Flers’s Media Library

“Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Have Only One”, by Sophie Ruffyux and Lillian

On its cover Comics, Reads a badge: “3 million happy readers according to the novel”. We follow Camille’s hesitant, stumbling and busy life, in the light of Claude, a pure, thoughtful and innovative psychologist in the story. The Scene Follow each other and follow each other with great fluidity between the board and the drawing (Sophie Ruffyux). The dialogues are strong (Lillian) and the story is well put together (Rafael Giordano). Icing on the cake, this Comics Lets us be aware of existential unemployment, perhaps better than a book on personal development. In short, the second life a Novel Sometimes it starts when it is graphically extended!

Whether you have read Raphaëlle Giordano’s novel or not, I highly recommend it Comics Which you will find among the graphic novels in the adolescent section of the BD TAD graphic novel Flers Media Library.

Video: Currently on Actu

A favorite of Anthony from the Flers Media Library

“Living with Our Dead”, by Delphine Harville, 2021

“No one knows how to talk Dead, And this is probably the most accurate definition that can be given. It avoids words, because it marks the end of the speech Those who leave, but also those who survive, and to their amazement will always misuse the language. Because the words in it Sorry I mean off. They often only serve to say that nothing else makes sense. “

Delphine Harvillier, the female rabbi, stays with the family during their ordeal Conduct Describes his work of hearing and generosity in the graveyard and being able to talk about them Dead During this ceremony. Throughout the page, he tells us about his own mistakes and grief

It echoes Drama Recent events in our society through which personalities like Elsa Kayat (psychiatrist murdered during the Charlie Hebdo attack), Simone Weil and Marceline Loridan-Evans (girlfriends who have just returned from Birkenau), Itzak Rabin, and even the death of Kovid are the ones for whom he was sometimes. To perform on the phone.

Great scholarship, he makes his subject accessible with an art Tell me Fluid, lively, not without humor.

I recommend this “little Agreement D Consolation “which you will find on our shelves in large print in RG HOR and in the documentary at 220 HOR.

A favorite of Florence from Flers’s Media Library

Ian Gozlan’s “Black Box”,

This is the story of a talented young man – Matthew Vassier (played by talented people). Pierre Nini– Technician in the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Department, promoted to chief investigator after a plane crash in the Alps. Strict analysis of it Black box (Which we rarely have the opportunity to see from this angle even though we’ve heard about it during every plane crash) will lead him to ask a lot of questions.

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A very good one Thriller French which solves the problem of artificial intelligence and technology in human service (and cost). Also note the always great presence of Andre Dussoliar. Good speed, quality production, Script A fantastic explanation from the original, and quality actors!

Fanny from Flers Media Library is a favorite

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