Why fans are questioning the drama of Lisa Rina and Patrick Somers

Lisa has been known for her honesty since Rina joined The real housewife of Beverly Hills In 2014, but some fans are not buying his latest drama on Instagram. From her infamous argument with Kim Richards in Amsterdam to the accusation of Yolanda Hadid for Munchausen’s disease, Lisa has never been silent. In addition to defending Erica Jane in her legal drama, Lisa is currently at odds with Sutton Strack RHOBH Season 12 on Elton John Gala tickets.

Despite her problems with Sutton, Lisa’s current problems are with Kathy Hilton, who first appeared as a housewife. RHOBH Season 11, and a self-proclaimed “Private Marketing Manager” The name is Patrick Somer. Last weekend, Lisa shared a threatening text message sent by Patrick and revealed her phone number. When RHOBH Viewers called this number, they were surprised Patrick’s voicemail referred to himself, “Kathy Hilton’s executive assistant.” Patrick posted Lisa’s phone number as a quick response, sparking an all-out social media war.

As early as June 3, Your Moms and Watching Instagram account uploaded a series of DMs between them and Patrick, where the self-proclaimed “1,099 employees for a high-level person”, Accept to pay for “Distract my client.” Patrick, who posted his own now-deleted statement shortly after YMAW shared his DM, said Cathy hired and paid him to defame Lisa. RHOBH However, fans immediately started questioning Lisa, Kathy and Patrick’s online drama and here are a few reasons.

Patrick Somers’ statement is flawed

Patrick’s Instagram statement about it was deleted within hours, but Redditor u / GirlsLikeMMA2 did not tap it before and reposted it for dissection. RHOBH Fans were immediately skeptical of Patrick’s confession about Lisa, especially since it was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. From the misspelling of Lisa’s name to the use of the misspelled form “to”, one user wrote that Patrick “Only spelling and grammatical errors make it so suspicious.” For someone who will accomplish high power.

How involved is Kathy Hilton really?

Kathy and her famous family are not unfamiliar with the public debate, but fans are starting to wonder how much Kathy is really involved in the Patrick and Lisa conflict. Several Radiators have pointed out Patrick’s alleged NDA and his discrepancies regarding the payment of $ 27,527.72. “I also don’t believe that Kathy hires anyone to take care of it … she has good people to take care of Rina if necessary.” One user wrote, another mentioned that Kathy’s public relations spokesperson since 1980 was Elliott Mintz, who also represented celebrities such as Diana Ross and the late John Lennon. “I don’t like Kathy Hilton very much, but she’s been playing PR games for years and she’s done very well. I don’t see her hiring. [Patrick]”, Another said.

Lisa Rina’s Instagram posts have disappeared

Lisa has never been able to keep her opinion quiet, especially online. Before Lisa got involved with Cathy and Patrick, for example, she was a strong advocate for gun reform after the shooting in Ulved, Texas. Although Lisa uploaded several statements, questions, and receipts to Instagram over the weekend beginning with Patrick’s post, it was all deleted as soon as Patrick deleted his statement and locked his accounts. Naturally, RHOBH Fans quickly realized that Lisa and Patrick were starting to back down and are now wondering if that argument was a persuasion for attention. “Exciting time with the return of the new season, that’s what I’m saying.” One person guessed. With so much already happening RHOBH Season 12, fans will have to keep an eye out to see how this controversy develops.

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Source: Your mothers are watching / Instagram, u / GirlsLikeMMA2 / Reddit

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