With inflation, at the Nancy Expo Fair, “we need to focus on prices”

After two empty years, Foyer Expo de Nancy launched its 2022 edition on Saturday, June 4th. Although prices continue to rise, viewers are becoming more focused on purchases while exhibitors are feeling the effects of rising prices for their raw materials.

The last two editions of the Nancy Expo Fair could not be held due to health crisis. On Saturday, June 4, 2022, it reopened until June 12. In the isle of about 400 exhibitors, the first visitors turn around and take advantage of this rediscovered meeting. But with massive inflation, which has finally set in, most buyers are paying more attention to prices before buying.

Aurelie and Jeremy, 38, regularly at the Foyer Expo. If they come to enjoy the entertainment provided by their son, they are also looking for furniture for their roof. As prices have risen they have already had to switch to supermarkets to save money.

So at the fair they look at the price. “We may be reducing some claims.”Aureli explains. “We know prices will continue to rise so we will benchmark and maybe buy faster before prices get too high.”Details of this hotel manager.

In the craftsmen’s hall, Virginie and Romain, the mother of the house and a temporary worker in the industry, did some shopping. In their bags: wine, meat and cups. For the rest of the year, the couple and their two children fasten their belts. “We eat locally, we don’t go on vacation, we don’t eat in restaurants. So we want to have some fun at the fair today. “They believe.

At the motorcycle stand, Jean-Luc, the storekeeper forklift driver, and his wife, Bernadette, are unemployed, chronic. “We want a motorbike but it is a bit expensive and it means insurance and fuel. It slows down! ”The 58-year-old observes the man for whom the Expo Fair has been a tradition since childhood.

“All prices have gone up so we’re monitoring more. We can remove the superficial.”, Note for his part Stephanie, 50 years old and pharmacy manufacturer. The same story next to Evelyn, retired. “We have to pay attention to the price, everything is going up! But it feels good to be out. “70 year old female comments.

There are other visitors like Guillaume and his parents “Always pay attention to the price”. In search of a new portal, this 40-year-old developing analyst, with a blue pocket under his arm, has already requested two quotes from viewers and will take the right price. Leah and her partner Sylvain, meanwhile, stockpiled charcuterie, cheese, and spirits. “We don’t look at prices”The young woman admits she is happy to stock up on artisan products she can’t find in town stores.

In May, every year, prices rose 5.2%. A new record for inflation in France since 1985. Franোয়াois Warner is chairman of the board of directors of Destination Nancy, and manages the Park Expo. “Life is getting expensive, so we shouldn’t just offer a strictly commercial activity.” He believes in the Expo Fair. Well aware that inflation could affect sales this year, he added: “We come here to spend time, to have a beautiful day, to buy the right thing: the product we really need and at the right price.”

For exhibitors, some sectors are more affected than others due to rising raw material prices. Like clothes and accessories designer Audrey. For the first time since launching his brand “L’épine du soir” six years ago, he “[s]I wonder if [elle ne va] Don’t stop [son] Activity “. Artisans find that buyers are more reluctant to spend money on unnecessary items.

“In textiles, all the raw materials have gone up. Clothes but off, buttons and elastics “, 37 year old girl list. The fabric he used to make his pencil case is gone “Six to nine euros per meter since Kovid” For example.

“I did not raise my price at all. But I have systematized my production. I created less unique pieces and more series. I’m more careful not to waste too much fabric while cutting. “, He explains. In the same month as 2019, he explained that he only realized “One-third [s]On turnover “. “I’ll see at the end of the year if I have to raise my price in the end.”Refers to Audrey.

In the high-end sector, we think a little less even if we suffer from rising prices. Ludovic LeBlanc is the CEO of Como Cusin, a kitchen specialist. “The price of the cardboard our furniture is packed has doubled in two years. Gasoline and electricity have also increased, but we need fuel in our factories. Wood and aluminum have also increased “He observes.

As a result, the price of its kitchen furniture “Increased from 15 to 20%”. “At the beginning of the school year, I think there will be a slight decrease in our sales.”The CEO of the company who attended the fair for fifteen years believes.

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