Brief Biography of Government Members # 3

G to get acquainted with 28 membersBorn Government, Magsenter invites you to explore them in a few chapters. Every time starting from the Prime MinisterA biography containing only public information.

By Josephine

There are 14 males and 14 females, a small half come from Paris, a small half have parents from the upper social class, only two have a bac + 3 and four have a bac + 8, the rest have bac + 5 Culture at the engineer or public service executive, passing by large schools with excessive representation of science po Paris. Only two people practiced traditional occupations, and again, for a very short time, another 26 had brilliant careers, in the public and private sectors (St. Gobain, Axa, Dexia, Carrefour). 10 from PS, 12 from right, 6 from civil society. A small half includes the wives of academic and economic elites, including the boss of the Society General and Carrefour, an operational director at Engr., And a senior executive at Google, Boston Consulting Group. Sociologically, they basically represent the top 5% of the social pyramid.
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Sin Ndiaye – Education

By LurKin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

He is 56 years old. Anthony was born to a Senegalese father who was a Ponts et Chausses engineer and a mother who was an SVT teacher in college. Literary preparation for Lysie Lacanal, Henry IV, ENS St. Cloud and a collection of history. He moved to the United States to do his thesis, where he explored racial issues. Back in France, he became a professor at EHESS and created French-style black studies. It integrates research circles and scientific committees. He advised exhibitions and participated in reports on diversity in cultural institutions. In 2021, he became director of the Museum of Immigration History. She shares the life of a university sociologist, she has two children. Legion of Honor, Order of Merit, Academic Palms.

Sebastian Lekernu – Army

Sebastian Lekernu Wikipedia

He is 35 years old. A weapons technician was born in Val-d’Oise to a father and a housewife mother. A graduate of a private Catholic high school, he has already become a militant for the UMP there. BAC ES, law degree. In 2005, he was a parliamentary assistant to a UMP deputy from Eure, before joining Bruno Le Maire’s office in 2007. In 2013, he founded his public relations and communications consulting firm. He is a lieutenant in the Reserve Gendarmerie, he is the platoon leader of another famous conservator Alexander Benalla. In 2014 he became mayor of Vernon then vice-president of the Aglo community. In 2015 he became president of the Eurozone’s divisional council and resigned as mayor due to a mandate submission law, but was the first deputy. He was Le Maire’s campaign director for right-wing primaries in 2016, then Philon’s deputy campaign director, whom he left after announcing his indictment in March 2017. He was appointed Secretary of State by Nicholas Hult and he became a reserve colonel at Gendarmerie, which is extremely rare. In 2018, he was in charge of local authorities. In 2020 he participated in municipal elections, then he was elected senator and appointed foreign minister. In 2021 he also participated in the department and was the subject of an investigation for taking an illegal interest in the administration of a motorway company, which he chose as president of the departmental council. Knight of Agriculture Merit and of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Brigitte Bourguignon – Health

He is 63 years old. Born in Bulon-sur-Mere, he was a medical secretary, then a regional civil servant in charge of food aid on the departmental council of Pas-de-Calais. Deputy mayor of Bulon-sur-Mer from 2001 to 2012, he was the national secretary of the PS in charge of sports. In 2012, he was elected deputy. In 2014, he failed in the municipal elections in Marquez, then failed to take over the presidency of the Marsh Natural Park in Opal. In 2016, he became president of the High Council for Social Work. In 2017, within two rounds of the presidential election, he joined Emanuel Macron, received the LREM nomination, and was re-elected as deputy. He failed to chair the National Assembly but became chairman of the Social Affairs Commission. In 2018, he again failed to take over the presidency of the Legislative Assembly. In 2020 he is the ministerial representative in charge of autonomy.

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