Elizabeth II’s birthday in the film. In London, star fountains to celebrate the Queen

Many stars, including the legendary British band Queen, gathered in London on Saturday for a huge concert celebrating the historic 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, but without the tired sovereign.

Alicia Kiss, Andrea Boseli, Duran Duran … The third and final day of the 96-year-old Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the show, on the biggest stage of pop or classical scene, in front of Buckingham Palace – Old Sovereign, with unequal longevity in the UK.

Thousands of spectators, without tickets, followed the concert on the big screen. REUTERS

Quinn began the evening with Adam Lambert singing several of his hit songs, such as “We Are the Champions”, waving the Union Jack flag in front of 22,000 spectators, as well as Crown Prince Charles and his eldest son William. Wife Kate and their two children.

“It’s wonderful to be back.” Queen’s guitarist Brian May told the BBC 20 years after serving the national anthem “God Save the Queen” while sitting on the roof of the palace for the Queen’s golden jubilee.

Thousands of spectators, without tickets, followed the concert to the huge screen of the mall, a dignified artery that overlooks the palace.

Pictured in the hole, 22,000 spectators waved the Union Jack flag.  Reuters

In the hole, 22,000 spectators waved the Union Jack flag. Reuters

The real star of the evening, however, Elizabeth II, was absent due to fragile health, preferred to watch concerts on television, and broadcast live on the BBC.

Favorite for his sense of duty and deadpan humor, yet he made an amazing appearance in a short comedy video released before the kick-off, where he was having tea with the game’s inexperienced icon Paddington Beer. British children’s literature.

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The heir to the crown, Prince Charles, 73, pays a heartfelt tribute to “his majesty” who is his ” Mom

Thanks “For this “A lifetime spent in the service of others”, He said, in front of a cheering crowd. ” You’ve been laughing and crying with us, and most of all, you’ve been here for 70 years. “ As a 21-year-old princess, Elizabeth recalls her lifelong commitment to serve her subjects, he added.

Despite her health concerns, the Queen increasingly handed over to her eldest son to represent her, but showed no desire to leave. His grandson William gave him an application for a planet in front of a palace that serves as a backdrop to glorious illumination.

Picture of Crown Heir, Prince Charles, 73,

The heir to the crown, Prince Charles, 73, pays a heartfelt tribute to “his majesty” who is also his “mother.” Reuters

Elizabeth II ascended the throne on February 6, 1952 at the age of 25, a symbol of stability in the great coup d’tat.

Tribute to Elton John

Many pre-recorded tributes were also poured into the evening from celebrities such as James Bond actor Daniel Craig, former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, or pop legend Elton John, who provided an ongoing performance of “Your Song.”

American Diva Diana Ross, 78, “It’s a pleasure to be invited to perform at such an important event.” The event concludes with a two-and-a-half-hour evening celebrating the contributions of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries to music, the environment, sports and musical theater over the past 70 years.

Photo by American diva Diana Ross.  Reuters

American diva Diana Ross. Reuters

Alicia key picture.  © DPA

Alicia Keys. AFP

A joyous brace of patriotic unity amidst the crisis of the cost of living, the jubilee celebration lasts until Sunday, thanks to a long four-day holiday weekend.

The Queen appeared on the first day of Thursday, still rejoicing twice on the porch of Buckingham Palace.

But then suffered Discomfort He missed church service in his honor at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday. Still fond of horses, he left the rudder for the famous Epsom Derby horse race on Saturday, which he rarely misses.

His presence was not confirmed for the screening on Sunday.

“The Last Queen”

Among those absent from Saturday’s concert were Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who came from California but chose to celebrate the first birthday of their daughter Lilliput, whom the Queen met for the first time in private.

On Sundays, rain can ruin a party when thousands of outdoor lunches are planned among neighbors.

A large parade with about 10,000 participants should end the celebration in London at the end of the afternoon. It will end in front of Buckingham Palace, where Ed Sheeran will sing his famous ballad “Perfect” in honor of the Queen.

Many who attended the jubilee celebrations were aware that this was the last time they would see their sovereign. “She is our last queen. And I think she’s a wonderful queen. “ Confidentiality to AFP Wendy Flynn, mother at home attending a street party in London.

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