Jody Foster’s portrait, like any other Hollywood actress

Art is airing a documentary that revives the actress’ career, now 59 years old. Matthew Kasovits provides the description.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been in business“This Sunday, June 5, at 11:05 pm, Jodie Foster confessed in a documentary aired on Art. Born in Los Angeles in 1962, the youngest of four siblings to four children, he has been filming frequently since he was 3 years old. This is his brother who is auditioning when he is spotted casting for an ad one day. Inside Jody Foster, Hollywood on the skin An impressive portrait of Camille Juza and Yale Sadat, the archived images have been combined with various testimonies to bring back the single career of the actress, who also became a director and producer.

Movie lover mother

From the first picture, the young Jody Foster stands with her maturity. In question “Is it scary to grow up in Los Angeles? ” He replied “No, but it’s hard to grow up there. I don’t think the people there are adults. People are nowhere near adult but in LA, let alone. It’s a leisurely society (…) everyone talks about movies. And it’s not a very adult subject, I think.Raised by a Cinephile mother, Jodie Foster has been casting since childhood. She has acted in several “good natured” films and appeared in several flagship series in the early 1970’s, such as Kung Fu Where Bonanza. “When you grow up on the system, you know the codes and you become aware that they are not compatible with child-star, cute and funny canons. He has a wisdom and an annoying claim for his age. When you look at his career, he has always been able to show a style and constantly bend the system to innovate his personality.Jordan Mintzer, a Hollywood Reporter critic,

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Jody Foster’s adolescence coincides with the New Hollywood years. Martin scores the spin in Alice is goneHe then offered the 14-year-old actress the role of Iris, a fugitive prostitute Taxi driver. “Casting him in Scorcese’s movie, especially Taxi Driver, was a way to completely revive this adorable TV star. He (…) from Martin Scorsese not only likes a bold casting, but shows that Jodie Foster, even very There was a desire to escape from the net world of television in order to move to a younger, more artistic land“Jordan Mintzer, who goes to French high school in Los Angeles, turned around. Bugsy Malone By Alan Parker, or I, the blue flower, By Eric Le Hong with Jean Yane and Bernard Giraudeau. He then left Los Angeles to study at Yale. “I wanted to be like everyone else“, He admits.

“Jody Foster, even very young, wanted to move from the artificial world of television to a more artistic country.”

Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter Critic

With his diploma in his pocket, who had watched New Wave movies as a child with his mother, he escaped. The blood of others, With Claude Chabrol. But it’s a Jonathan Kaplan movie, Accused, Or the fight of a gang-rape victim to condemn her attackers, which marks her great comeback in the movies. She also won an Oscar for Best Actress. Just like that The silence of the thalamus By Jonathan Dame. Regarding his role in this thriller, he says: “I was fascinated by the creation of a heroine, the idea of ​​making a heroine different from other heroines. You need people to change it from within the system. “” You? “The journalist asked. “Yeah. For example, I want to make a movie with female models who want to see a 15 year old boy or girl.A

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With his debut in management (The Little Man 1991), Jody Foster continued Somersby, MaverickAt the exit of CommunicationScience fiction feature film Signs In 1997, Robert Zemeckis, Jordan Mintzer noted: “Here is another example of a movie where Jodie Foster plays a role reserved for men. I think she is open to womenGreat Hollywood entertainment is my door. So much so that it has become common to see women in lead roles in such films

Sexual orientation

Criticized for her silence on sexual orientation, Jodie Foster took the opportunity to respond in her own way to the 2013 Golden Globes in her own way. “I’m alone. I came out of the Stone Age about 1,000 years ago. The good old days when a fragile young woman made her debut to her relatives and a few colleagues, then gradually became proud among her acquaintances, then she met everyone. Today, celebrities share their personal lives at a press conference or during a reality show.“She’s sorry.”He denounces the increasingly shameless society’s demands for transparency and refuses to bow to pressure.Documentary comments.

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Now 59, Jodie Foster has appeared in more than forty films and directed four feature films, not counting the series for which she directed an episode.Orange is the new black, House of cards, Black mirror…). Film critic B. Ruby Rich concludes: “J.I think we see Jodie Foster’s career, at least for the most part, as a course of “empowerment” that gave her even more freedom.

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