Kitchen War: A dose of creativity in the kitchen

For participants, Kitchen Battle is a way to improve their skills and fulfill their dream of becoming a chef. For others, it’s an opportunity to share their love of cooking. Here are four of the sixteen selected candidates. Le Défi Digital and TéléPlus will soon launch new shows in collaboration with T Blenders Limited and Island Meat Distribution. Episodes of Kitchen War will be broadcast on the Facebook page and the TéléPlus YouTube channel.

Cormagen Valven: In the Preservation of Tradition and Modernity

Kormagen Valaven is 18 years old and dreams of becoming a chef.

In May, the Cormagen Valven Bronze Chef received the 2022 Medal. She sent a photo of her meal to the Best of Gastronomy International. At the age of 18, he wants to push his limitations by participating in the kitchen war. Kormagen Valaven (Nelvin) is currently pursuing a “Diploma in Culinary Arts” at Polytechnics Mauritius.

A Hermitage resident said he followed recent local news on the Challenge’s Instagram page. “In the news feed, I saw the announcement of the kitchen war. This culinary contest is a platform to share my passion for cooking. So it didn’t take me long to register, “he said. Two weeks later, he was informed that his application had been selected for audition.

Cormagen Valveven then chose a food that was synonymous with cultural richness. He prepares seafood because the island is surrounded by water. She adds baby vegetables and a creole sauce. The dish is served with rice pilaf.

This contest is a platform to share my passion. So it didn’t take me long to register. “

Fusion cuisine is his favorite field. “I am in favor of local food to preserve the heritage of our ancestors. But I add my personal touch and a pinch of modernity. For example, he sometimes prepares cream masala tagliatel with spicy shrimp and fried chicken curry leaves.

Kormagen Valaven has been a fan of cooking since he was 4 years old. She started helping her mother prepare food. She first learns to cook instant noodles. At the age of 10, he felt comfortable in the kitchen and started frying burgers and eggs. Then, when he comes home from school, he cooks lentil soup or curry for dinner.

During his second captivity, in April 2021, he launched the Mau_Lakuwin page on Instagram. He shared pictures of his food there.

The dream of this alumnus of Vacos State Secondary School, who finished his schooling in 2021, is to work as a host chef and gain experience on a cruise ship. Her ultimate goal is to open her restaurant.

Chitrasingh Sebaraj Tagore: Novelty in the kitchen

Chitrasingh Sebaraj Tagore says that chicken and pineapple go perfectly together.

Chitrasingh Sebaraj Tagore is as comfortable in making traditional food as he is in innovative recipes. She participates in the kitchen battle to show off her talents.

The 38-year-old housewife regularly competes in cooking competitions. Following the news on Facebook page, he became aware of the competition. She reported the matter to her husband and registered.

When he was selected for the audition, he wanted to do a big show. “I wanted to prepare chicken in a creative way. We are accustomed to ‘curry’, kalia and stew. But we rarely think of associating it with pineapple. These two flavors complement. A

I loved watching my mom cook. I inherited his passion. “

A resident of New France made a chicken with pineapple with rice and a cucumber salad. Her recipe jury had the expected effect.

Chitrasingh Sebaraj Tagore has been wandering around the kitchen since he was a teenager. “I loved watching my mother cook. I inherited his passion. During my first attempt, there was some wastage of ingredients. But I persevered and made myself perfect, ”he says.

He took cooking class after marriage. Among his favorite dishes are lasagna, chicken manchurian, chicken turnover, grilled vermicelli as breadcrumbs, chicken kettle and chicken kalia. Chicken Kalia is her husband’s favorite food.

This mother of a son wants to take a course at Sir Gaitan Duval Hotel School to improve her skills. She dreams of becoming a chef.

Gilbert Vythilingum: Family food from forgotten ingredients

Gilbert Vythilingum, 55, has thirty years of experience as a restaurant manager.

Gilbert Vythilingum, 55, restaurant manager. He has been working in the hotel industry for 30 years. Although it stays in the dining room during the day, in the kitchen we find it in the evening. She makes dishes like no other for her loved ones. It invigorates rare or forgotten foods: curry, endives, dried shrimp, moringa “bread” (moorum), turnip, breadfruit, etc.

Cooking came to him naturally as a teenager.

“I’ve always admired my dad who can cook for his guests for hours on end,” he says. He also wants to impress his loved ones. At the age of 16, he started cooking to help his mother.

When I receive guests, I’m not the type to go to the supermarket. I prepare something from what I have on hand.

Once an adult enters the hotel world, he rubs his shoulders with gurupak food. However, what he enjoys is daily food.
“When I receive guests, I’m not the type to go to the supermarket. I open my refrigerator and prepare something from what I have on hand. A

Gilbert Whitinglingam challenged himself to feed his children food they did not like. He unknowingly included them in the dishes. “At the end of the day, they always enjoy what they eat. A

He impressed the jury during the audition with an original dish: a gratin made from chicken and shrimp and “bread murum” with karla. An improbable mix that won over the jury.

Improvisation and innovation are part of her daily life in the kitchen. This is the first time he has been tried by a four-member jury. “I was surprised that they liked my food and they made a discovery. A

Monom Carpen: A cocktail of love and experience

Manom ​​Carpen has been cooking since he was 13 years old.

Accustomed to culinary competitions, Manome Curpen finished third in the Radio Plus Diwali Cake competition in 2020. “Mo Pa Kapav Race Unplus Can Mo Truv Ban Concours Kiliner”, he explains.

The 56-year-old woman, who worked as an NGO chef, learned to cook on the job and above all through a lot of practice. When he sees a recipe, he makes it his own. Like his famous Musakar, whose secrets he has alone. It contains an element that even jurors fought to choose.

This musaka has become a favorite food of his relatives. So much so that at each event, he systematically offers it as a starter or main course. “I was wondering what I was going to cook for the competition and that was what Musaka remembered. A

I love to cook and this competition is a chance for me to show what I can do.

Manom ​​Carpen got up at 5:30 a.m. to prepare her food on the day of the audition. “When I presented my dish to the chefs, it was cold, but I didn’t want to heat it. I knew I had potential full candidates in front of me, but I said to myself, make it or break it. It was a matter of real pride for me to hear the praise of the jury. A

With thirty years of experience in the kitchen, Manom ​​Carpen says he started at the age of 13. His first meal was a potato curry with spices in his hand. Her grandmother praised her. “I wanted to continue and I learned the basics of cooking by asking people around me for advice. A

Her boss gave her a recipe book, where she learned to cook less traditional food. This allows her to further develop her love of cooking. He always wants to improve his knowledge. In books or social networks, he always tries to revisit popular foods.

“I love to cook and this competition is an opportunity to show me what I can do,” she says

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