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Its fifth season Music in dialogue at Carmelites The joyous celebration of the 400th birth anniversary of Jean de la Fontaine continues, still in the refined atmosphere of the Chapel des Carmelite. This Sunday, July 18, at 4 p.m. This is the second meeting of the new season “The Baroque Bastiari” is inspired by science fiction to invent a human morality. An audience overwhelmed by the original performance of the Faenza ensemble especially appreciated the approach.

Faenza Complex © JJ Ader

Founded in 1996 and led by Marco Horvat, the Fayenza team engages in a core artistic approach inspired by historical practice, which is somewhat forgotten nowadays, with the self-accompanying singing and the mechanical quality of each artist. Thus, Marco Harvard sings and plays arclot and guitar. Sarah shares her interventions between singing and flute in Lefebvre, Hermione Martin in flute and muse, Olga Petersch in singing and Otavino. Only Ayumi Nakagawa devoted himself exclusively to his harpsichord.

The most pleasurable part of freedom is the identification of musical and literary interventions, which thus explore The poetic world of La Fontaine And, above all, the heterogeneous beast that he called “to instruct men.”

Music in dialogue: JJ Adar

Fanja companion in Carmelite Chapel. : Ayumi Nakagawa, Hermione Martin, Sarah Lefebvre, Olga Petersch, Marco Harvat – Photo JJ. Caress-

Despite the extreme diversity that characterizes the program, here is a large portion of the covered pieces from a collection from the 1730s and entitled ” New spiritual and moral poems in the most beautiful air of French and Italian music, with bass: we add a selection of fiction in the style of M. de La Fontaine, easy to sing with their bus and a bus bagpipe in vaudevilles and small airs.. Fayenger’s musicians-singers-actors thus change the different means of expression. Some of La Fontaine’s texts are sung, others are announced, sometimes accompanied by an available instrumentarium. The two most famous fables (though!) Will open the meeting: The Frogs Who Ask for a King And Foxes and crowsTaken from both the mentioned collections.

Other musical and vocal parts were composed by more or less well-known composers of the time, such as Nicholas Chadaville or the Francois Campion, or even Marin Marais and Jack-Marin Hotter, not to mention anonymous! Also, two pieces by Franোois Kuperin, exclusively reserved for harpsicords, give Ayumi Nakagawa a chance to shine with the music. That’s it SlopeAnd Nightingale in love.

Music in dialogue: JJ Adar

Ayumi Nakagawa, Harpsicord, Hermione Martin, Muset, Marco Harvat, Guitar – Photo JJ. Caress-

There is also a need to underline the vocal qualities of Sarah Lefebvre and Olga Peters who sing all their poems and sometimes their humor innumerable and varied songs. These two artists, but Hermione Martin also play recorders of different ranges with talent. Let us underline the main contributions of the rare muse, a kind of small bagpipe fed by a bellows, a priestly instrument that Hermione Martin normally plays.

Marco Harvard does not hesitate to grab a register of humor that some fiction manages to do with an astonishing prediction … Of course, Jean de la Fontaine is of all time! The tortoise and the eagleWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The warm reception of these listeners well testifies to the effect of an immortal work that the united geniuses of the fanza group know how to behave with dignity but also with a good dose of imagination and freedom. Revival of the legend as an encore The Frogs Who Ask for a King Prolongs the good mood of the whole meeting. This day is a particularly welcome good mood!

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