The “Police and Thieves of the Time” trail still brings together many racing enthusiasts

The long weekend of Pentecost has become the legendary meeting place of the “Police and Thieves of the Time” race. A notoriety that attracts participants from all over France and even beyond. With family or friends, these ongoing endeavors always take place in a good mood, in the heart of Ambazac’s natural space.

In a setting of forests, waterfalls, currents but rocky chaos, shepherds’ habitats, peat bugs, arboretums and ponds, the kilometers of this race that participants enthusiastically take with family or friends.

The “police and time thief” trail attracts a lot of people and the president of the organizing committee Jean-Luc Manges is very proud to say that 95 French divisions are represented here. “According to our statistics, 78% are outside the limousine

And yes, over the last 20 years, the notoriety of this race has made it one of the essential routes for race enthusiasts. In two days, four and a half thousand have registered in different circuits. 52km, 32km, 20km and 10m, but also Nordic walking or 11km cantilever for youngsters.

In consultation with site lovers and local residents, the circuits identified by Jean-Pierre Majeux from the creation of the race. “Older hiking trails have been reopened during reconstruction“He has underlined.

Organizers are concerned about maintaining the smooth running of the race. There is a “police and time-stealing spirit”, especially by loved ones with whom the organizing committee is attached.We are organizing so that sick children who follow up at CHU can participate, so that prisoners can also register at the end of their sentence, ten can come from the south of France, so that the injured people of life who have prostheses also stay with them. We … it’s not the number of participants that identifies this meeting, it’s the spirit, the warmth of the people, the riders of period costumes, it’s a whole environment. ” President Jean-Luc Manges stressed.

David Bernabe is a Gender Warrant Officer. He signed up out of friendship with the members of the association. Isolated, he’s running with a moving blade. “I’m glad to be there, to participate in the organization, to run too, there aren’t many sports courses for the disabled, a trail complex with a racing blade complex, not everyone comes … the sight of others, and yet you feel proud when you run

It was the idea of ​​five friends, and especially the idea of ​​Bernard Fouer Marathon Champion of France, that 23 years ago the traditional steps of Gendarmerie were transformed into a race of nature. An organization that has grown over the years thanks to the investment of many volunteers in all locations, over the months and in the D-Day field.

For those who register, it’s a pleasure to participate. “No stress, the goal is just to finish“It simply came to our notice then.

– The great 52 km limousine trail, which connects 14 beautiful villages and hamlets, where the bitumen present at the crossings of these villages represents only 6% of the total distance. Minimum training is open to all, with a minimum speed requirement of only 6 km / h, or 10 minutes per km.

– Antoine Devost was the first to run the 32 km trail “Les Valuers de Temps”, the flagship event for 1352 competitors. 2:24:35 “I’m both happy and a little surprised to be honest, I’m tired but happy to be back, I did it 6-7 years ago without being very trained, today I’m being helped by the outdoor poly team it helps .. “

– 20 km trail des hureaux, at The distance between, which ends before climbing up the stairs of the chapel in a great atmosphere.

– 10km of discovery trail, slightly hilly, accessible to as many people as possible.

The sun wasn’t really there but this 21st edition took its place in history

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