The Uncharted film was a huge success at the box office

Released in theaters on February 15, 2022, Unpublished Initially targeted at video game fans. Based on the adventure game released by Sony, Unpublished Allows gamers to find Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, who decide to go in search of Magellan’s treasure.

The story isUnpublished

It all started when Victor “Sully” Sullivan, a famous treasure hunter, decided to hire a certain Nathan Drake. Their purpose is to recover Magellan’s treasure, a fate that is more than half a millennium old. Everything seems to go as planned during the robbery when everything is accelerated around the world in a real race against time against Santiago Moncadar, the rightful heir to the hidden treasure.

Nathan and Victor evolve into a video game-like universe of the same name where mystery and mystery come together. Their bet is therefore a modest sum of five billion dollars, but brother Nathan, long gone. Their problem: two thieves unable to work together.

Our movie reviews

For this film, there are two types of viewers: fans of the game and others. For fans, the image represents a major endorsement for the franchise, Special thanks to Drake for his presence And Sullivan. Viewers will enjoy learning a bit more about time and the relationship between the main character as well as his brother and Sullivan.

For those who haven’t played UnpublishedThe experience will not be disappointing. Unpublished Positioned as a very good classic of action-adventure and treasure hunt genre. The action scenes are awesome, and We appreciate a very neat casting In addition to the various magnificent landscapes that we have the opportunity to think about.

Action-adventure games sometimes influence movies

Unpublished, Was originally inspired by the video game of the same name, but not just. The movie hints at a lot of other video games released on various Sony brand consoles, be it environment, action scenes, characters or plots.

Tomb Rider One of those video games. In fact, we find this adventure aspect of the film very similar to the genre-specific action scenes with video games. This is the same franchise with Lara Croft sauce that inspired the slot machine. Tomb Rider, Available at Betway online casino gaming organization, Where the player must line up the various symbols correctly to pocket the jackpot. The universe is well represented there, faithful to the 4th composition of the music video game. Tomb Rider: The Final RevelationWhich takes place in the Egyptian pyramids.

It’s impossible to talk about movies Unpublished Not to mention video games which is the basis of all this. Made by naughty dogs, Uncharted appeared on the PlayStation in 2007. Nathan Drake is considered by most gamers to be the male version of Lara Croft, and he possesses many of the same characteristics as the rich heirloom. He is a fan of history, archeology, he is naughty and above all he is a treasure hunter. The license has been a huge success since its inception, so it was clear that a movie would eventually see the light of day, serving as a fan fiction for fans of both.UnpublishedAnd a discovery guide for the common man.

Our end In some cases, the film may be considered a source of inspiration Unpublished. Although Like The Last of Us Fear, This is the “non-stop” aspect which is divided by the two headings The video game offers continuous activity, giving the player very few moments to rest. In the film, the action is also continuous, with the two heroes trapped in a real race against time to guarantee their survival as well as their interests.

Finally we can talk OfAssassin’s Creed Developed by Ubisoft. What we will remember mainly, in terms of similarities between Unpublished And Assassin’s Creed, This is the acrobatic aspect. In video games Assassin’s Creed, Players have the ability to climb almost anywhere, jump from wall to wall, or catch on any end, resulting in sometimes some incredible action scenes and some chills in the back. In the film, certain scenes use this principle with inspiration from the same gestures, the same movements, and sometimes the same kind of jump. Assassin’s Creed.

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