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Israeli historians have been the target of a number of conspiratorial media over the weeks, accusing them of participating in global population control plans.

Yuval Noah Harari (France 5 / YouTube screenshot, 09/15/2017).

Later Bill Gates, George Soros Or Jack AtaliDid the conspirators find their new scapegoat? Israeli writer for several weeks Yuval Noah Harari He sees himself nominated by the French-speaking conspiracy to be the pope of transhumanism and the instigator of a plan aimed at establishing the “New World Order”.

46-year-old author, graduate in medieval history Jesus College Oxford will work in the shadow of influential personalities to establish a biological control of individuals. The allegations are based on an article published in 2017, Homo deuceIn it, Harari explores the speculative future of the human species, as well as various interviews with historians on transhumanism.

Harari’s work on man and his evolution (Sepiens In 2014, Homo deuce In 2016 and 21 questions for the 21st century In 2018) has sometimes been criticized by renowned academics such asAnthropologist Christopher Robert HolpikeThe latter considers the author’s work to be one of them“Information Entertainment”. Harari has gradually leaned toward futurism in her essays and interviews, discussing a wide range of topics, from placement of microchips under the skin to population control. In the third part of itHomo deuce, The historian is confronted with the question of free will and the emergence of artificial intelligence. The subjects covered by the successful writer form not only far-sighted, but fertile ground for conspiratorial imagination.

Conspiratorial videographer Christoph BorlotonWhich animates the channel Live a healthy life AExplains in this way that Harari will“Plan Architect”DA Organized chaose “. This plan concept has been taken up in other blogs called “Great Reset” (French “Great Reset”). This is a term used by May 2020 Klaus ShoaibDavos World Economic Forum President. Quickly, the concept of the “Great Reset” appeared on board by conspiracy theorists, who interpreted it as a step in the elite’s plan to establish a “New World Order”. The fancy novel “Hold-up”, published in November 2020, will complete the popularization of this conspiracy theory.

This is where the plot unfolds. Yuval Noah Harari actually gave a long speech at the World Economic Forum in February 2020eMake sure that societyeYoue GlobalizationeWill have to face in the future. The author poses a threefold threat to the spread of inequality due to nuclear war, environmental degradation and new technologies. He warned the public against disconnecting the elite and the rest of the population, subject to the rapid development of technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Some have not hesitated to turn this potential practice into an apocalyptic prophecy that its authors will rejoice over. The similarities between Harare’s speech and Klaus Schwab’s comments on transhumanism allow some to present the first as the right hand of the second. Conspiratorial Blog Le Courrier des Stratèges [archive] The title is as follows: “Harari, the free-spirited guru who whispers in Klaus Schwab’s ear.” The word “guru” is a qualification found in several articles dedicated to Harari, one of which is published on the site Current value In 2018.


Courier of strategists Explain that for example “Juval Noah Harari clearly gave Klaus Schwab the ideological insanity and the desire to transform the world, to put it more simply. When Davos Blufeld [« Blofeld » est le nom du chef de l’organisation SPECTRE, dans James Bond – ndlr] Overwhelmed by the victory of Brexit and Trump – the people’s awakening to their freedom – Harari came and whispered in his ear consoling, clearly bright words. “. However, no evidence has been found to support Harari’s assertion “Right arm” Or an adviser to Shoaib, or even two people who would be particularly close. This addiction is propagated exclusively by conspiratorial platforms such as AgoraVox, WeLoveTrump.com or the neo-Nazi site Renegade Tribune.

On Twitter, Live a healthy life A Refers to Harari as one “Psychopath” And claims thatEmanuel Macron Only one “These dreamers are programmed to puppet, obey and destroy.”. A video montage compiles excerpts from interviews with Israeli medievalists. He explains that in the future, “Control will not only be done through camera or facial recognition, but Kovid has changed the mindset and it will be possible to apply biological observations to individuals.”.

Source: Twitter, 04/30/2022.

These quotations, cut and taken out of context, do not allow us to fully analyze the discourse given by the futurist. If he explains that his comment Dr. “Prediction”, Nothing allows Harari to recognize the fictional thesis of a eugenicist or omnipresent project. On the contrary: In an interview with the firm GE Technology Infrastructure, he expressed his concern about the potential development which he described:

“If humanity simply follows its current economic, scientific and political models, man will probably become a god within a century or two. Yet the same technology that can turn people into gods can render them useless. […] The emergence of AI, which seeks to divide with organic matter and create completely inorganic creatures, is a particularly important and extremely worrying development. I don’t think an AI would wipe out humanity with a nuclear attack, as in the Hollywood sci-fi movie. The biggest danger is that AI will render most people useless. A

Harari’s position on free will is often criticizedees, the conspirators suggest that the author should call for the emergence of a society of slaves without their own will. A Twitter account significantly shared a series of short videos on February 22, 2022. In one of them, lasting 19 seconds, Harari reassures us “The idea that there is a power to free will, an intimacy of mind that allows one to make one’s own choices, is the end of it all.”. In a 35-minute interview with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the historian clarifies his point:

“For the first time in history, some governments and corporations have the power to ‘hack’ people. We talk a lot about ‘hacking’ of computers, smartphones, bank accounts … but the great story of our time is the ability of people to hack. I mean if you have enough data and computing power you can understand people better than you understand yourself. And then you can manipulate them in a way that was previously impossible. In this situation the old democratic system stopped working. For this new age we need to reinvent democracy where people are now ‘hackable’ animals. You know, people have that idea […] Their free will, no one knows what’s going on inside me when I make a choice, whether it’s an election or a supermarket …: is over. […] You may realize that today, in reality, we have the technology to ‘hack’ people on a huge scale. A

Harari explains that in an age where huge amounts of personal data are transmitted, free will is on the way to becoming an obsolete, illusory concept. An observation that reconnects with an already existing philosophical tradition Spinoza Where Nietzsche.

The title of Yuval Noah Harari as the new scapegoat of the Complosphere We must not forget the underlying fragility of this conspiratorial thesis. The error of these particular arguments is probably due to the historian himself who best described it, published in an op-ed. New York Times On conspiracy theories and translated into French by Peggy Sastra Point. Let him say one last thing:

“World cable theories suffer from the same fundamental flaw: they assume the story is too simple. […] A small group of people can understand, predict and control everything from wars to technological revolutions to epidemics. A particularly significant ability of these individuals? Succeeded to be ten moves ahead on the World Game Board. […] Without it, the world would be much more complex. […] By understanding that no cable alone can secretly control the whole world, you can not only fix it – you will also gain power. A

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