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Synapse Medicine, Monday 06 June 2022

Basically every year 10,000 to 30,000 deaths (1) And 85,000 to 180,000 hospitalized (2) In France, iatrogenic medicine represents a real public health problem. However, 50% of hospital admissions and additional costs of 1. 1.2 billion / year related to adverse effects of drugs are avoidable. So the mission of Synapse Medicine, a start-up founded by doctors to fight this public health problem.

Synapse Medicine Created a platform dedicated to the proper use of drugs based on artificial intelligence algorithms powered only by official data. So the Synapse platform provides healthcare professionals access to reliable and useful information on medicines. So at the heart of Synapse Medicine’s mission is the prevention and reduction of drug risks across care pathways.

Prevent the risk of drugs

In response to these public health problems, the implementation of procedures aimed at reducing the risk of drug defects becomes essential. So the health authorities are taking steps to optimize the patient’s drug management, such as the drug recycling process, which is also part of the CAQES.

An integral part of the strategies for improving the healthcare system, the implementation of digital, innovative and interchangeable solutions is key to facilitating the adoption and deployment of such approaches. For example, Synapse Medicine has developed a new functionality specifically for its Synapse platform to make it an ergonomic, interchangeable and adaptable solution tailored to the needs of the field.

Meet the needs of the hospital

Already deployed at Benchmark Health Institutions, CHUs and CLCCs (AP-HP La Pitié Salpêtrière and Henri-Mondor, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Institut Bergonié, Institut Gustave Roussy, etc.),

She brings one Personalized and turnkey solutions Thanks for the dedicated features for each care path:

  • Identify the risks of drugs Through its pharmaceutical analysis module
  • Optimize the drug reunion process
  • Remote patient monitoring facility (Assessment of compliance, adverse effects, etc.)
  • Strengthen city-hospital cooperation Including secure sharing of patient records
  • Trace exchange more easily About the treatment of the patient

à la carte Thanks to a library of available modules and the ability to interact with computerized patient records (DPI), the Synapse platform provides healthcare organizations with time savings in data entry and greater visibility of drug risks.

Use Case: Article 51 Onco’Link – Oral Therapy

To support the evolution of care practices in the field of oncology, a test is set out within the framework of Article 51 of the Social Security Financing Act of 2018: Onco’Link – Oral Therapy.

In response to the specification, Synapse Medicine has established specific modules for the various stages of the experimental process within the Synapse platform. They meet the needs of:

Hospital and city health professionals Information exchange between hospitals and cities, medical analysis, drug reunion and patient follow-up.

Patients To connect with remote patient monitoring solutions or with applications dedicated to the general public to help patients manage their treatment and communicate with their healthcare team.

Patients under oral chemotherapy adapt to the needs of the actors involved in follow-up, and in an interchangeable way with equipment already used daily, so the Synapse platform provides a solution to optimize the quality and safety of outpatient treatment with oral cancer drugs.

Learn more:

(1) Bégaud-Costagliola – Report on Monitoring and Propagation of Proper Use of Medicinal Products in France – 2013

(2) Pr Bernard Bégaud (INSERM U657) – La France Malade du Médicament. Edition L’Observatoire, 2020

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