At the wife’s funeral, the widow learns that she has been married to another man for the rest of her life

Soon after Walter’s wife, Jessica, died, their lawyer appeared at her funeral with the terrible news: he had married someone else. Walter had no idea because they had been together for 60 years. When she meets her husband, she discovers something startling.

“Mr. Stanley, can I talk to you for a moment?” Walter looks up while he is depressed at Pew and their attorney Mr. Sternberg is looking at him. He nodded and walked away, away from his daughter Fiona and those who had come to the funeral.

They are at the funeral of his wife Jessica. It was a sad occasion, and their lawyer was a good friend of the family. He took care of everything related to the estate and also came to pay his respects. However, Walter had no idea what he meant.

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“Is there a problem, Mr. Sternberg? Thanks for dropping by,” he asked when he was private.

They all sat down and remained in awkward silence until Henry spoke. “I’ll chase. I guess you don’t know anything about me yet, do you?”

“Of course. Mrs. Stanley and I were good friends. But there is something urgent that I must say. I was wondering if I should do it here, and maybe this is not a good time, but you need to know,” said the attorney. Feelings.

“Tell me,” Walter replied frowning.

“About Mrs. Stanley’s estate and her life insurance … well, they don’t go directly to you and your daughter. It looks like Mrs. Stanley was married to someone else,” she said. Mr. Sternberg spoke softly, but Walter froze.

He shook his head. “No, it’s impossible. We’ve been together for 60 years. You must be wrong.”

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“I’ve checked a million times and I’m sure about it. I need to quickly set up a meeting in my office so I can introduce you to this guy. I don’t think that will be the case until you talk to each other every day. Resolved. Two, “Mr. Sternberg concluded. He slapped Walter on the shoulder and walked to the back bench, Walter saw him startled.


A few days later, Walter and Fiona went to Mr. Sternberg’s office in Pasadena. Walter just told Fiona what their lawyer said at the funeral. To her surprise, she wasn’t so shocked.

“Why aren’t you more shocked, honey?” She asks him, concentrating on the street.

“Well … you and your mother never got divorced?” Fiona was shocked, and Walter finally remembered this small but painful separation from their relationship.

“I … but she never remarried. We divorced and separated for less than a year. That’s impossible,” Walter stammered.

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“My mother told me about it. She said there was a lot of fighting between the two of you a year after your marriage, and she lived with my grandparents for a while. It could have happened then. I know they never loved you,” Fiona said. , Reminds her of the long-forgotten contempt for Jessica’s parents.

“But … it’s just … why didn’t he tell me? Why did he come back to me when he got married?” Walter asked. Unfortunately, the only person who can answer this question is gone.

“Didn’t you think of getting married again after coming back together?” Fiona asked.

“Not really. We picked it up where we left off. I didn’t think it was important,” he replied, trying to push himself not to talk about it at the time.


“Mr. Stanley, Fiona, this is Henry Clark,” said Mr. Sternberg. He was almost Walter’s age, tall, and wore an expensive business suit.

Henry held his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, although the situation is not so great.”

“Yeah,” muttered Walter, shaking the man’s hand as if he were in a trance.

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They all sat down and remained in awkward silence until Henry spoke. “I’ll chase. I guess you don’t know anything about me yet, do you?”

Walter and Fiona nodded, wide eyes and confused.

Henry added: “Well, it happened many years ago. I never wanted to get married, but my parents told me about their friend’s daughter. They said I would look better as a businessman if I had a wife. She had recently divorced. And there were no children. We met briefly, and basically left everything to our parents. It was a formal citizenship, there was nothing fancy, nothing really special. After that we were never really husband and wife. “

“I don’t understand,” Walter whispered, tears welling up in his eyes, but he refused to let them read.

“It was basically a business transaction. Then a few months later she said she was going back to her ex-husband. I was fine with that but I told her we had to get a divorce. But Jessica … well, she was worried. You’ll find out.” So we pushed the date back until we forgot about each other, “Henry explained silently.

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“Have you ever formed your own family?” Fiona asked, holding her father’s hand in the office chair.

“No, I never wanted anything of it. I only care about business,” Henry replied with a heartfelt smile. “And to that end, I’m here to say that I don’t want to get what the law says. We may have gotten married on paper, but Jessica wasn’t my real wife. You can keep it. Everything.”

“Are you sure, Mr. Clark?” Checking the lawyer, his hand gripped his desk.

“100% sure,” Henry repeated. “Can I go now? Again, nice to meet you. I’m sorry for your loss and for this surprise.”

The man left the office without saying another word, and Walter finally calmed down. Despite what happened so many years ago, Jessica was his wife, important in every way.

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“Okay, then, let’s end this with Mr. Sternberg,” Fiona told the lawyer, smiling at their father, whose tears were gone.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Always keep family secrets out, so it’s best to be honest. Jessica should have told Walter about her marriage to Henry so she wouldn’t get stuck at his funeral.
  • Parents should not hinder the happiness of their children. Jessica’s parents forced her to marry, although she did not pay attention. They should have given up.

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