Ermont. Parents of students and several teachers want to occupy St.-Xperi College

Teachers and parents of students staged a protest on March 17 in front of a visit to Osni and then again on March 28, calling on National Education to review its copy. (Val The Val-d’Oise Gazette.)

“We have been trying to listen to ourselves for four years and we can’t. That’s why we decided to take over the college, even though we knew we would be fired within an hour because the principal had to call the police. But it doesn’t matter, we’ll start again on Wednesday, Thursday and as many times as we need.

Emily Estragnet is a member of the parents’ group of students at St. Xupery College, Ermonte (Val-D’Oise).

Calm but determined, Emily Estragnat, The mother of a third grader St. Xperi’s CollegeA. Ermont (Good D’Oise), The man who has done all his schooling at the institution is part of a group of parents of non-unionized students at the college who announced that he would take over the institution on Tuesday evening, May 7, after the class council.

Three supervisors, 600 students

In recent years, a series of outbursts of anger have disrupted life in the district.

Always the same reason: lack of supervisory staff, not enough resources for teachers.

On the eve of the end of the school year, parents of students, along with a dozen teachers, would like to mark the occasion and take advantage of their presence on the class council to stay in college.

“We have only three teaching assistants (supervisor, editor’s note) for 600 students. In the duty room, in the corridor, the children stay by themselves. We have a lot of violence. “As a result of this climate, the absence of teachers, guided by this same parent of the student, leads to a rather staggering 4,400 hours lost since the beginning of the year.” For 1,300 hours. Lost, which is huge. “

Emily Estragnat.

A single Cpe: Insufficient for parents of students

Another concern is “supervision with a chief education adviser. The problem is that the person holding this position changes every year. There is no regularity, it’s a village party. We need to fix someone.”

“School levels are not the same everywhere, they don’t want to recognize it.” They are “Town Hall, the academic visitors with whom we had many interviews and sections.”

Maps and regions

Before adding:

Video: Currently on Actu

“We have been asking for years to revise the school map so that there is more social diversity in the college. Mr. Hawkin replies that there is nothing he can do. The problem is that 90% of the students come from Les Chênes. And from an early age, they attended the same association, the same primary school, and then the same college. It does not change. There is no opening on the outside. A

And the mother concludes:

“We have been fighting for four years and it is very difficult. Teachers do not have enough hours to perform their desired projects. Opera class concerns only 28 students. My son, in four years, has never done an outing in a movie, theater or museum. Some people go around with these in solitary confinement … “

Xavier Hawkin: “City is taking action”

Javier Hawkin, Mayor (LR) of Ermont, divisional councilor of Val-d’Ois, Naturally this college is well aware of the situation and acknowledges to do the maximum it can within the limits of the efficiency of the municipality.

“I look after the parents of the students and the City is working to provide things within its scope. We have set up a guardian cafe, we are taking steps to improve security by combining surveillance personnel around the college with the municipal police. I have confiscated the academic visit which I am waiting for his return, but I am not the Minister of National Education. “

Elected officials also insisted on staying

“It simply came to our notice then. Must work properly. The school map was reviewed in 2017 to balance the issues. There were many students on the Jules-Ferry and there was room in Saint-Exupery. I asked the department to take stock of how things have evolved. Maybe it’s annoying, but the problem is educational even for children who enter sixth grade who don’t have the skills to read.

“The school map was reviewed in 2017”

This is precisely because they are aware of the school’s disadvantages that parents are seeking more resources to keep small classes and half-groups.

During a demonstration in front of the inspector general on March 28, teachers noticed that more hours were needed because the college was divided into two “difficult” elementary schools (Delacroix and Victor-Hugo), who do not always know how to read when entering sixth grade.

“The hardest districts in Ermont have been sectarianized in St.-X,” they added. And for them, the allotted overall hourly allocation was not going to fix the situation, was marked by absent teachers who had not been transferred, or the practical work was canceled “due to lack of staff”.

Wednesday 1Of In June, Xavier Hawkin took advantage of the Ermont tourEdward PhilipFormer Prime Minister O. Christoph BechuThe minister in charge of local authorities came to support the candidate Naima Mouchaar In legislative elections, students have to mail them from their parents.

“I came to greet them in a republican way, but I did not attend the meeting. I do not support anyone in this election, “said Javier Hawkin.

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