Here are 10 tips to find your wedding dress on Vinted

The search for formal wedding dresses, the marathon of stilted charming boutiques and its appointments at the toughest and most anticipated time is over.

The Wedding Dress 2022 Can be purchased second-hand, on the Internet, and more specifically through the app through which you have already purchased and resold your completely normal clothing: Vintage.

The best tips for finding your wedding dress at Vinted

At least that’s what the famous platform reveals, which has noticed an increase of more than 23% in its user requests for a wedding dress already worn.

And if the demand for bridal attire is just as strong, the offer is just as strong with the more than 110,000 articles listed in the wedding attire category in France.

“Since Vintade has millions of members, the offer is incredibly diverse and you can always find something in almost every style and size,” commented Natacha Blanchard.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Time, the best ally to find your wedding dress at Vinted

Although we are an experienced user of the app, we remember that buying a wedding dress on Vinted is a slightly different and much more time consuming experience that we are accustomed to.

“So get started early, so you can take your time and remember that navigating the app requires patience and attention,” warns Natacha Blanchard, who thinks the piece may need to be updated. Later it will be adjusted by a sewing professional

So we avoided going about it a week ago.

Second hand wedding dress: Take advantage of the algorithm

Find your dream wedding dress at VintedIt’s a lot like finding the man or woman of your life in a bumblebee: you need to know what you’re still looking for.

“There is no better way to find the perfect outfit than others. But it can be useful to know a little bit about what you like and what you don’t like,” commented Natacha Blanchard, Communications Director at Vinted.

His recommendation? Classify the wedding dresses that catch our eye among our choices (with a tick on the heart in the photo editor’s note).

This will allow us to have an overview of our preferences in our profile and see more clearly after scrolling through the app for hundreds of hours through hundreds of ads.

Play with keywords

So we do not hesitate to type the unfortunate keywords in the search bar that they describe the design of the dress (bare back, mermaid, bohemian) element (lace, sequins, embroidery) or its era (“dress 20 style wedding dress”))

You can use search filters to refine colors (white, beige, cream) by length or just brand if you prefer.

“Details can help you narrow down your search results,” points out Natasha Blanchard, who invites future brides to be amazed at the vintage offers as ads scroll through their screens.

“You can also take a look at the huge selection of evening dresses, or browse the items listed in the Wedding Suits and Tailors section.” He advises

Find your vintage wedding dress size

Who said wedding dresses are usually fitting sessions and many times say that the mentioned dresses to ensure perfection embrace our curve.

A process that calls into question the second-hand purchase, raises the question of size preference more than ever.

“Keep in mind that size and fit have changed over the years and may vary by brand and country of origin. Especially if the occasion dress is vintage and one year old or another decade,” said Natacha Blanchard, who suggests asking. . For different measurements of waist, chest, buttocks.

For example, a size 42 from yesterday could match a size 38 from today.

The result? We want the seller to have as much information and photos as possible about the size and fit while taking care to know his own measurements.

We have all the information about the wedding dress of choice

Like the first date (and the second one about that), we try to learn as much as possible about the wedding dress that will (probably) change our lives.

“The more information you have about the dress, the better. You can ask the seller for the exact composition of the fabric, the details of the dress (closure, lining, beads …) so that you are fully aware.”

History that clothing has no secrets for you.

Bridemaid, second-hand research collaborator

Like a classic wedding dress fitting session, your friends, loved ones and bridesmaids engage in your quest for the perfect outfit.

Whether it’s during a brainstorming apparition or through a WhatsApp group where you share your digital favorite photos, look for opinions from those who know you best or who will at least be able to constructively criticize you.

Change your vintage wedding dress

Once received, if the dress does not fit perfectly, we rely on the skills of a tailor or special semester who will undoubtedly be able to perform miracles.

Shorten a hem, refine the waist, accentuate a neckline or, conversely, calm it down, remove the sleeves: this quality of needle and scissors can also transform your favorite clothing design so that it best matches your taste. Of the day.

Vinted discuss your wedding dress

Like the classic wedding dress stores, the resale pieces on Vintage show different and varied prices.

Just constant? The amount needed, second-hand, is usually -30 to -50% lower than what is observed in the market.

“Depending on the designer and the condition of the part, you can find second-hand dresses at significantly lower prices.” Natasha Blanchard confirmed. Minor errors, missing buttons, surface stains: Consider the general condition of the garment and do not hesitate to enter into a subtle but firm discussion to try to get a reasonable price.

Access your wedding dress to get vintage

Even if it means buying her wedding dress in Vintage, you can find her wedding shoes, her jewelry or even her hair accessories there.

The only precaution to be taken? Timing.

“Second-hand shopping for your wedding can be almost like a game, a treasure hunt. You may stumble upon something right away, but it can easily take a little longer before you find your dream outfit.

Find the perfect second hand wedding dress

Like love, don’t beat 1000 years around the bush: if you see a dress that you immediately like and your insights assure you that in it you will meet the man or woman of your life, go for it.

Vintage and / or second-hand wedding dresses are often – by contrast – unique pieces, especially when they show prices that often negate all competition.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

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