Innovation in efficient and sustainable agricultural services

The agricultural world today faces a three-pronged challenge. That is to meet the need
Food for the world’s fast-growing population by saving income
Reduces the environmental impact of operations and planetary resources.

For 240 years, the German family business LEMKEN has assisted farmers in designing and producing the tools needed to exploit their land. Today, LEMKEN innovates to combine efficiency and ecological change. An agricultural revolution is going on. Meeting with Jean-Christophe Régnier, Managing Director of LEMKEN France.

How can we talk about LEMKEN without going after these 240 years of history and innovation?

LEMKEN was founded in 1780. From a net, the company has grown into a global and technological group. But the roots are still there. In the long run management and investment method the company is still 100% owned by the LEMKEN family. The company’s family values ​​evolve into a strong and respectable structure with a beneficial consideration for its employees.

These values ​​also affect the company’s relationship with suppliers and customers. All our expertise is focused on finding the best technical response for our customers’ needs.

The history of LEMKEN is marked by the first plow patent filed in 1922 or in 1986, with innovations such as smaragd tine and disc cultivation that allowed for a better work speed, solitaire seed drill, in part, to provide a good soil / seed to respect natural balance. Contact time to optimize yield. In 2001, Rubin Disc Harrow opened a very important market. Today, more than 2,000 machines are sold each year in France.

Near home, in 2018, LEMKEN, with the acquisition of Steketee, is developing hoeing technology to help farmers effectively reduce the use of chemical inputs and facilitate environmental weeds.

Has innovation built the strength of the team?

Invent LEMKEN’s DNA, but not just. Our equipment, through its rigidity and durability, allows operators to make their investments profitable with minimal maintenance.

LEMKEN developed at the same time as modern agriculture which has a turnover multiplied by 10 in 30 years. Today the group expects a turnover of over 500 million euros in 2022. In 2021 it was 400 million. France, an agricultural country, is LEMKEN’s main export market.

The range of equipment distributed by the professionals caters to all the needs of the farmers throughout the life cycle of food grains and vegetables. Cultivation, plowing, seedbed preparation, sowing, mechanical weeding, harvesting, production cycle are completely covered.

Today LEMKEN innovates to combine performance and the environment. A new stage in the development of the company?

LEMKEN has all the resources for the experience and perseverance of tomorrow’s agricultural innovation and innovation.

Environmental issues, in particular, require limitations on chemical inputs. Innovation and artificial intelligence make it possible to observe the activities of farmers on their land and adapt their activities to the needs of the crop. Data management became strategic.

With the IQblue Clara device, LEMKEN is the leading manufacturer of integrated weather stations with the most on-board sensors.

Precisely, temperature, humidity and many other data are recorded at different points of the field according to a precise cartography. The algorithm will analyze the stress of the disease, in other words, the emergence of favorable or unfavorable conditions for the development of disease in the crop.

There is no question of considering a plot as a whole as a matter of calendar practice or as a precaution, but to limit their use strictly to what is needed, aiming at the treatments as accurately as possible.

Not only is the amount of chemical inputs drastically reduced, their effectiveness increases by more than 70% when applied at the right time.

IQblue Clara is a decision support tool that responds to environmental issues but also protects the financial health of farms by reducing the cost of purchasing these inputs, whose prices continue to rise.

This type of system also enhances crop traceability as all declarative information is automatically returned to the system. A great time saver.

Finally, this information makes it possible to accurately identify the optimal time for sowing. Soil data readings indicate optimal temperature for better soil contact and improved yield from seed.

Can we talk about the agricultural revolution?

Absolutely, and symbolizes LEMKEN, it develops through the performance of innovation, the power of this cultural change in the agricultural world. The environment forces them to consider performance legitimate only if they respect the natural balance.

LEMKEN quickly abandoned the production of sprayers to improve the range of its mechanical hoeing equipment.

Its machines make it possible to weed as close to the tree as possible between rows, but also within the tree, which is unique in the market.

Camera support and artificial intelligence modules allow the device to separate plants from weeds at shallow soil depths to preserve soil structure.

The demand for these tools is strong and the government subsidy associated with investment and innovation is helping the agricultural world to innovate itself.

The challenges are significant, but technological advances open up endless possibilities for efficient and quality agriculture. In this movement, LEMKEN plays a central role in operator and customer service.

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