It starts here: What awaits you in the 416th episode of Tuesday, June 7, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Here It All Begins” … when Charlene and Theo come to their father’s aid, Salomi struggles to hide her jealousy. At the same time, Amber and Tom panicked.

Pay attention, the following paragraphs contain the spoiler of its episode here it will all start broadcasting on TF1 tomorrow evening! If you don’t know anything, don’t read!

Tuesday, June 7 It all starts here …

Charlene and Theo help their father

It’s been two days since Tessie’s family heard from Constance, who loved spending the weekend in Zakari’s arms. For his part, Emanuel decides to run in the election and has no desire to back down from his decision, sadly for Charlene who reminds him that he will not be able to get his wife back just by doing her little numbers. . Only, Emanuel refuses to give up.

Later, Tessier summons all her students to the amphitheater. After confirming his participation in the championship, the director indicated that he needed two kitchen assistants. Unfortunately, no one nominated him. Finding the behavior of his comrades completely unfair, Medhi offers to be his clerk but this person does not want his charity then mentions that he had chosen his side long ago. And to make it clear, that he will crush him as well as those who think he is finished.

Meanwhile, Theo is concerned that his father will be publicly humiliated by participating in the championship. Charlene regrets that her mother spent the weekend with Landiras because it hurt their father so much. The words that surprised Celia, according to Mehdi, were pastry chefs working for the election two days ago.

Not too far from there, Constance assures Landiras how much she fears her husband will be eliminated from the championship. Although Zachary thinks a good defeat can get him back on the ground, Constance thinks he doesn’t need it right now. Words that annoy Landiras to admit to him that the woman he loves is still not happy knowing he is worried about her husband. She even considers that she still loves him. Constance is very quiet then.

For his part, Chef Cardon offered Tessier the position of director of the cooking school he plans to open in London soon. Unfortunately, he replied that it was impossible because of their misunderstanding.

At the same time, Constance tells her kids that she didn’t spend the weekend with her boyfriend and that she rented a house by the sea to find herself alone to take stock. Although she does not know if she has feelings for her husband, Constance is concerned. For the rest, however, it is lost. However, she told her children not to eat by their story. Upon hearing this, Charlene realizes that her mother has not yet turned the page on her marriage.

At the end of the day, Rose officially begins the regional selection for the Pastry Championship. The chef who wins the pre-election will travel to Chef Delobel to take part in the national championships this summer. In turn, Chef Cardon takes the floor. After thanking the management of the institute for organizing the event, he presented the candidates. When Chef Tessier announces at the rally that he will compete without a clerk, Charlene and Theo join him and decide to help him.

Salome has trouble hiding her jealousy

Sure Salome really hates him, Axel doesn’t really want to go to class. So that things get better between them, Jasmine then has the idea of ​​incorporating herself into the kitchen for the day. An idea that doesn’t make Salome happy at all and even less so when the couple is particularly involved in front of her eyes.

Ascending, Salome then finds Anas and expresses his jealousy. Even if she does understand, Anaïs advises her to talk to Axel about how she actually feels. For Salom, it’s insulting but Anais is sure it will relieve him. Despite her reluctance, Salome finally agrees to do so.

Amber and Tom Panic

Amber will celebrate her 20th birthday next Monday. On the occasion, the young lady wants to organize a big party in the salt marshes. As he discusses his plans with Tom, Greg and Lionel report that the year-end test is fast approaching. If two first-year students think they passed easily, their classmates tell them that Tessier fired six students at the end of the previous year’s assessment.

Panicked, the two apprentice chefs go to Clotild to find out what happens next. The latter admits that since Tessier was the director, the final rounds have become more difficult. Thus, like some schools, it is not a simple formality. The August Armand Institute needs them more than resting on their achievements. So he advises them to be curious and their skills go far beyond what is shown in class.

Instead of waiting, students set a revision schedule. To succeed in retaining what they learned in class while August Armand’s recipe and being at the top of new trends, Tom and Umbre have to evaluate from 6am to midnight because they haven’t finished school yet. But the level of depression, Kelly beats them. In fact, the young woman leaves the orthopedist and is not allowed to stand for more than two hours a day. A tough push for him who doesn’t know how to train and attend classes in such a short time.

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