Leo Russell Disappears (Summary of DNA Episode 1205)

Preface to “Tomorrow Us”, Detailed Summary for DNA and Spoiler Friday, June 10, 2022 Episode 1205. In your daily series, Raphael decides to close his eyes. Audrey makes a mistake that could cost her a lot, while Mona refuses to watch Nathan sink.


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Alex and Judith will soon own a new month

Judith gives Noah a signet ring he found at Flea Market with friends during his internship in England. Noah is glad he didn’t bother during his stay, but he’s away. Noah pretends to Judith that he has done a lot lately. Judith offers him help, but Noah refuses. Judith notices that her boyfriend is weird and questions her. But Noah is on the edge. He gets angry and then apologizes to Judith. She exhausted his attitude and later arranged to meet him with a spoon.

Judith then sees Nur in the hospital. He brought her souvenirs from England: a mug with a picture of the Queen of Dogs in England, and a care box from the city’s best spa where he did his internship. Nur confesses his plight with Cedric’s children. Judith, in turn, tells him that Noah is away with her after receiving a message from her father. He must join her to see a month for sale.

Alex and Judith meet farm owner Robert Harmon. Alex fell in love the day before his month. But Robert Harmon has owned the farm for more than thirty years. He does not want to sell to anyone. Moreover, he is undesirable, somewhat reactionary and mischievous. Judith does not give up. Robert Harmon then introduces them to his employee Justin. The future owner of the month must agree to keep it.

Judith visited the Des Des Jose and saw the “change of ownership” sign. He joins Noah in Spoon who admits to him that he has not been able to manage since he took the month. His grandfather mismanaged the farm and hid from him that he had debts. Noah realized that he could not make it while Judith was in England. She didn’t want to bother him with her problem. So the bank had no choice but to leave the month to sell Noah before forcing him. Judith feels even more sorry for him because she knows how much Noah cared for her.

Alex and Judith are less optimistic about their chances of getting a month off when Alex gets a call from a real estate agent. Robert Harmon agrees to sell his farm to them. Alex, Judith and Chloe are happy.


Mona refuses to see Nathan drown

In high school, Mona bumps into Nathan and notices his tired look. She advised him to take a little rest to graduate, as the exams are fast approaching. Nathan explains to him that he can’t even concentrate or sleep in the foyer because of the noise there. The young man is upset. He wanted to get his graduation, but at the same time, he did not get a very encouraging answer to his desire to formulate in Parcoursup for his adaptation. On the waiting list for BTS in sales and training from Nathan Stewart. Mona advises Nathan to focus on Bac and offers to correct him. But Nathan knows Georges’ mother’s level and is skeptical. Monar gets upset.

Etin summons Nathan because of his results. The CPE warns him. If he continues like this, he will fail his graduation. For her part, Angie expresses her concern to Mona. Nathan has just gotten the worst grade in history and his average is about 9/20. She fears Nathan will be discouraged. Mona refuses to see him drown and makes an appointment with Nathan at her home at 5pm for a revision session. She leaves him no choice.

Mona decides to set up a working method. Nathan wants to choose Grand Oral as the “Citizen’s Word through the Ages” theme. It’s a matter of history and despite his recent bad marks on the subject, it’s a specialty he likes. Mona thinks she has to bet on everything. He thinks Nathan is good at speaking and if talking is a specialty he would be respected.

But Nathan is so tired that he falls asleep on Mona’s sofa. When Soraya and Noor return to the roommate, Mona takes the young man to their porch to avoid waking him up. Also, he needs to talk to them about some things.

Leo Russell disappears

Raphael cried a lot and slept a little. No one has hurt him in his whole life. Early in the morning, Stanislas apologizes to his partner and justifies his actions. He believed that his father and daughter had succeeded in turning him against her. Stanislas convinces Raphael that he is so scared of not getting his son back that he snaps. He announces to his partner that he is not only the woman he loves, but his only hope is to be able to meet Leo. Raphael, despite his pain, decides to close his eyes and hug her.

Martin Constant took stock with prosecutor Perwood in Eve Russell’s file. Stanislas Beaumont admits he was in France at the time of Audrey’s sister’s death. For the sake of conscience, Martin asked for an investigation file from the Morlix police station, but he did not think he would discover anything that could be blamed on Stanislas. His criminal record is also clear. But a new element could help him. They learned from a former boss that Stanislas had an affair with a hotel manager in Cape Verde three years ago. But he has moved on. Martin assigned Roxanne to find him.

Judge Audrey met with Stanislas and their lawyers. Raphael tries to show that Audrey often lets herself out and that her children examine her nerves. For her part, Sophie tries to show that Audrey is ready to do anything to protect her family. But Raphael has underlined that he has endangered Leo’s mental balance. He explained to the judge that the little boy had just found out that his father was alive, that his aunt had lied to him for 7 years and that Audrey had stopped him from seeing his father. Audrey is on the edge and loses her temper. He accuses Stanislas of killing his sister. The judge made no comment. Raphael takes the opportunity that Audrey does everything to tarnish his client’s image. At the end of the interview, Sophie tells Audrey that she has lost nothing, but she is sure that she has ruined everything and breaks down in tears on Damien’s arm.

For his part, Stanislas criticizes Raphael for his lack of responsiveness when Audrey is deprived by his passion before the judge. Raphael justifies himself. She doesn’t want to pick on him. Stanislas lost his temper. He thinks Leo will be much better with him than his “Rednex” family. Raphael fears his partner and takes it upon himself. The lawyer assured Stanislas that he could rely on his support. Stanislas apologizes for his frustration and goes out for some fresh air.

Camille and Chloe find Audrey in Spoon who talks about their interview with their judge. Audrey Leo is pessimistic about her chances of retaining custody. Camille can’t believe that her mother is helping Stanislas get Leo away from her. Chloe assures him that they will do everything possible to make sure his mother is no longer under the influence of Stanislas. But to get there, they have to stick together and keep fighting.

Meanwhile, Leo informs Jack, Jordan and Lizzie about his desire to be with them and Audrey. Jordan assures her that she can count on their mother to fight for her to stay with them. Leo worries and makes sure she can still see them, even if she has to follow her father. Jack, Jordan and Lizzie consider Leo their younger brother and reassure him that they are inseparable. But this time Stanislas spies on them from afar.

In the evening, Audrey calls her kids to sit down to eat. Leo is not in his room. Lizzie has seen him pull out the trash before. But Audrey began to panic. She has been there for half an hour and has not seen him leave the apartment. Jordan goes outside to look for Leo, but can’t find him. Lizzie calls Leo on her phone. Her smartphone is placed on a piece of furniture in the living room. Audrey Stanislas suspects Leo has been abducted.

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