Quentin cycled across Africa: he described his 11,000 km adventure

For six months, Quentin Clavel, originally from Isère, traveled to Africa by bike. (© Quentin Clavel)

“Life education”. Take your bike and Transcend Africa. At this 11,000 km And six months’ journey, Quentin Clevel Achieved a sport and human achievement that amazes you. It’s from her North-Isere The locals that this sports enthusiast imagines a month apart, at the end of 2021, a journey that will pass 10 countries east of the African continent.

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Bostwana, South Africa. If you hold your breath as you read this extensive list, then Quentin is just as likely to be after traveling through these countries.

After traveling to New Zealand for a year and riding many bikes, Quentin tackled Africa. It is by mixing Sports and travel The idea of ​​that young man was to cross the cradle of humanity.

With his traveling companion, “Riri”

Isrois, who works in sports events, has decided to set himself up to find time and means to free himself for six months. A choice for which he does not regret because he manages to get enough customers in his business so that he can discover the world through bikes.

On December 5, Quentin set out on a six-month adventure from a magical place in history: Pyramid of Giza.

“I have not been left alone since I was with my traveling companion, Riri,” Quantin admitted. Riri is his bike with which he has traveled multiple landscapes of Cradle on the African continent. 33 kg with paneer That he had to eat for about six months.

Desert Hell: Hallucinations and Excessive Fatigue

The saddlebags that Quentin carries are made with the need to survive, especially during long desert crossings. At the heart of the sand tiller, he explains, “Need Six or seven liters of water a day

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Around 100km when there was no sign of life I heard people shouting my name. I had hallucinations due to my dehydration condition.

Quentin Clevel Freelance at sports events
Victor's face betrays the difficulty of crossing the two deserts.
Victor’s face is sweating as he crosses two deserts. (© Quentin Clavel)

Across the desert Namib (Namibia) and Nubia (Sudan)The 26-year-old found himself Three days alone : “I had the most difficulty in this moment of my adventure. I have gambled my life. ”Due to the lack of water, Quentin Clevel had the opportunity to meet the tourists and was happy to help him.

Despite Hallucinations And with immense fatigue, Quentin was able to cross the Namib and Nubian deserts. These three to four day trips in full autonomy will allow him to think about the diversity of the landscape.

Through her phone, Quentin captures the rich colors of the Namib Desert.
Through her phone, Quentin captures the rich colors of the Namib Desert. (© Quentin Clavel)

The beauty of the landscape

“Impressions of being in National Geographic”: The prosperity of the African continent, according to Quentin, in the diversity of animals found there.

He described with a big smile that he was “able to see Savannah animals Just a few meters away. “No, the opposite of what we see The Lion King, Animals do not live in complete freedom… or almost. The Botswana The only country in Africa that has chosen to release animals for free in national parks.

Civil war in Ethiopia

Quentin swore to himself that he would not give up in the face of adversity. Arriving at the Ethiopian border, the 26-year-old was surprised to see the border closed. Reason: The country was in civil war. So he flew from Sudan to Kenya. A frustration that Quentin does not hide but he relates: “It is useless to risk my life for a trip.”

Face the wild animals

An incredible opportunity to meet Simba. One of the surprise guests of this bike safari was Pachiderm. “I knew that could represent danger An elephant“, Explained the young man who has prepared his trip for a long time. “One of them was standing on a street a few meters away from me and I quickly realized he wouldn’t let me go.”

With her phone, Quentin was able to capture the beauty of animals on the African continent.
Quentin had the opportunity to visit some of Africa’s most fascinating animals. (© Quentin Clavel)

Quantin’s salute from the passing jeep. “They took me away until the pachyderm was far enough away. In addition to these high adrenaline episodes, the nights in Botswana were restless. Thanks for that TelephoneZebra, antelope or buffalo have all been shot by travel enthusiasts.

“You must understand that while I was sleeping in my tent, I heard a very strong breath on the other side of the canvas,” testified Isrois, who did not hide certain cold sweat.

The humanity of Africans

“The cradle of humanity”: We’ve all heard this expression in history-geography lessons at school. Quentin understood the meaning of this proverb. In describing his trip, Quentin gave a hint Sincere emotion. Meeting? “Magic”.

With his smile, Quentin had no problem winning the hearts of those he met.
With his smile, Quentin had no problem winning the hearts of those he met. (© Quentin Clavel)

With his bicycle, he attracted the sympathy of many residents of big cities or villages. A. Malawi And inside UgandaThese are the “hundreds of people every day” intrigued by this blue-eyed man, this pale-colored stranger who wants to know who he is.

Climb Kilimanjaro

During his journey, Quentin freed himself for a week to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest peak in Africa ends at an altitude of more than 5,800 meters.
Quentin has finally set foot on the ground in Tanzania. For seven days he climbed the mountain in a team led by guides. Despite an insanely adventurous adventure, Quentin admits that climbing Kilimanjaro is his “greatest pride on this trip.”

In the encounter, Quentin recalls “a family who one evening thought I was their son.” Memories of meetings and exchanges are engraved.

With the Kenyans, the best runners in the world

One of the fascinations of his adventures is his encounter with Elliot Kipchoz. If this name doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s the greatest marathon runner in history, no more or less.

Sports fan, he has arrived Kenya, The country of runners, a strong desire to celebrate these champions. Coincidentally, two of them asked him about his project. Appreciating, the Kenyan runners invited him to join their base camp for a week.

To the right of Quentin was the opportunity to chat with Eliud Kipchog
Quentin had the opportunity to chat with the world record holder in the marathon, to his right, Eliud Kipchoz. (© Quentin Clavel)

“When I arrived, I immediately recognized Kipchoge. E.g. Amateur runnerI was inspired to meet the legend of this game, “said Quantin.

Asked about the difficult time in these six months, Quentin exclaimed to one where he could not hold back his tears. The desert? Hot? Loneliness? Not really. “In Namibia, just a few days after the end of my adventure, it was hard to tell myself that I was nearing the end.” The explorer promised himself, He will leave by January For another six months journey.

This crazy biker guarantees us he’s “back on the plane.” For his next destination, nothing is fixed Asia or South America He has small papers.

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