Retirement Center: What are the benefits for your child?

Every Wednesday and time School holidays, It’s a headache for parents! What to do with the kids? If something is lucky that there are grandparents in the area who agree to lend a hand, this is not the case for all families. Nanny, extracurricular activities or internships may be other solutions, but often it gets stuck that budget. Stay Leisure center or outdoor center Each municipality welcomes children between the ages of 3 and 14 at low cost. But this is where the guilt of the parents comes out! We tell ourselves they will get tired, they should rest or do something else … Stop misconceptions! Recreation center Not just a care and problem solving solution. Most kids are happy to go to the center (some pull their legs, but often they get a taste for it), meet their friends and make new ones. They make fun and you have to tell yourself once and for all that even if we spend time with them every Wednesday, we can’t do much for them. Proof.

Various activities for children … and low prices

The days at CLSH (leisure center without accommodation) are marked by a variety of activities. Sports, crafts, games সমস্ত all the conditions for loneliness can be a distant memory for your children. Quentin Lefrere, 26, an animator (78) for 6 years at the Placier leisure center in the Paris area, also described the potential of the centers. “Taking young people to outdoor activities in the province like amusement parks, zoos, swimming pools, medieval villages!

Some leisure centers are run by local authorities (30% of cases) and are located in a nursery, primary, college or high school; Others rely on an association or a working council. However, all are approved by DDJS (Departmental Department of Youth and Sports) and meet many quality standards. For reluctant parents, be aware that childcare is systematically provided by a director, a graduate of a patent for suitability for the director’s job, and patented animators such as the State Diploma or BAFA. Conducted across three sessions (theoretical, practical, and theoretical / practical), the latter gives its holders the ability to care for minors. For Quentin Lefrere, the role of a monitor in the care of a child requires several essential qualities:You have to be strict, always attentive, patient and attentive. You have to be there for them and try to guess their needs.

In addition to flexible working hours (7:30 am to 6:30 pm to 45 pm), the rates charged by CLSH are quite low. Family allowance funds and assistance from the municipality’s town hall offer center are likely to offer a proportional value to each family’s assets.

Why take my child to a leisure center?

Leisure centers are also full of facilities for children. Julie Reynold Millett, the therapist, mentioned “The impact of these spaces on psychomotor development suggests a lot of creative work.” Your little one can show off his artistic talent and be proud to bring his work home!

Socialization of day camp childrenThe expert added. In fact, they are rubbed shoulder to shoulder with other people of all ages for the rest of the day. A beneficial combination that allows them to learn to live in a community as well as make new friends outside of school. These centers also participate in the alienation of certain children, who are sometimes shy or reserved. “Changing reference points with different facilitators and comrades will make them accustomed to open up to others. In the future they will enjoy a certain comfort in finding a boyfriend or girlfriendThe therapist analyzes.

If leisure centers move towards child distribution, kindergarten on the one hand, and elementary / college on the other, it is not uncommon for young people to blend in in the context of specific activities like the Olympiad. These are especially characterized by the formation of groups of large and small groups. Therapists appreciate the diversity efforts that “Great value and increase their sense of responsibility“”For the little ones, they will feel encouraged by their adults to go further, which develops their confidence and self-esteem.“She is OK.

Finally, paid by leisure activities Outdoor center Children play an important role in autonomy. According to our host “Supervision is less strict than school. We explain their instructions, then we move them freely.

A typical day at the recreation center

8: 30-9 p.m. : Child care. They read books, draw, play …

9am to 9.45am : Kids play together in the yard to let off steam and then go inside to wash their hands. The activities of the day are presented to the youngsters sitting down. Each animator announces a planned morning activity like a fox-viper. Children choose the activities they want to do.

10:15 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. : Activities begin. The youngsters stay with the animators who test the smooth running and encourage them. In the end, the kids have to get rid of the things that are lying around.

12-12.30 pm : It’s time to eat! Kindergarten children then take Siesta directions until 3:30 p.m.

1-3: 30 pm : Free play for adults in cool weather and indoors.

3: 30-4: 30 pm : Children go out or stay indoors to pursue quiet leisure activities.

4.30 pm. : Owl, it’s snack! But even at the end of the day … First parents come to pick up their children until 6:45 pm.

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