SecureAuth expands its authentication platform

The latest version of SecureAuth’s Arculix platform brings orchestration, passwordless technology and uninterrupted authentication combined with AI and machine learning.

The latest version of SecureAuth’s AI-powered access and authentication platform was launched last Wednesday. In its latest iteration, Arculix combines orchestration, passwordless technology, and continuous authentication. It can be set up immediately with any industry-standard identity provider as an end-to-end solution or as an extension of an existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) system.

Paul Trulov, CEO of SecureAth, says the days of giving full confidence are over after the initial authentication phase is over. “After initial authentication, if you never authenticate again, a malicious actor could potentially work on your system,” the CEO warned our colleague IDG NS. “So companies are moving away from passwords as an authentication process and creating another level of authentication-based trust that can adapt over time. He must evaluate this level at the beginning of the transaction, then risk signals during a session to determine if the change requires re-validation.

Expected flexibility of identity and authentication systems

According to SecureAuth, Arculix is ​​designed with both security and a good user experience in mind. The user journey is delivered to the right user, he explains, through flexible and adaptive principles, identity orchestration and behavioral modeling. The latter is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning to integrate the desktop, mobile and SSO login user experience into a single, transparent and passwordless system. All with support for a wide range of multi-factor authentication methods.

“One of the things we as publishers need to do is create a very flexible system so that we can adapt to the different ways people want to apply identity and access management,” said Paul Trulov. The orchestral feature of the Arculix was designed with this kind of flexibility in mind. The tool eliminates the need to write hundreds to thousands of identification and access rules. The risk engine can dynamically define a user’s risk, be it an employee, a contractor or a system.

Arculix can be distributed to customers or installed on site as a turnkey SaaS solution. This allows companies to:

– Offer dynamic and fluid single sign-offs across applications, devices and objects across user activity;

– Verify the identity of the claimed user for uninterrupted access using automated, risk-based behavioral models powered by an artificial intelligence and machine learning engine;

– Secure logins with multi-factor authentication that intuitively gives app access and continues to evaluate access after approval with push notifications or verification codes, including offline access;

– Inform users about the ongoing risks in the mobile app after logging in based on device and browser fingerprint scanning, and automatically perform powerful authentication when a threat is detected;

– Manage all customer, employee and non-employee identities for a powerful identity platform.

National Football League (NFL) CISO Thomas Maldonado said in a statement that “the world is moving towards an improved security model without abandoning the user experience.” “There is a strong tendency for employees and customers of enterprise and government agencies to go for passwordless authentication.”

“Even big-tech players have recently announced password-free engagement,” he added. “SecureAuth’s upcoming Arculix solution has the right approach that goes beyond password-adapted and continuous authentication that will allow companies to take a strong security approach while having a non-friction user experience.”

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