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Omy Laboratoires is much like the story of “entrepreneurial love at first sight” between two young women who, separately, had the same idea: to offer skin care products, each person’s needs were measured within 48 hours. .

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Nathalie Morrisett

Nathalie Morrisett
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During their university studies, Andrea Gomez and Rachel Seguin did not know each other, but they already had some similarities. When they both worked part-time as a cosmetologist, they quickly realized that many customers with skin problems could not find the product they needed at various counters.


Rachelle Séguin, co-founder of Omy Laboratoires

We realize that people with sensitive skin, who have multiple skin problems, can’t find the right product in the market, which means a lot of dissatisfaction, a lot of product waste.

Rachelle Séguin, co-founder of Omy Laboratoires

By talking left and right about this idea of ​​cream and other serum personalization, they end the meeting. Rachel Seguin studied cosmeceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences, while Andrea Gomez specializes in administration. Together, they founded Omy Laboratoires in January 2018 after a year of research and development on the campus of Laval University. The company, headquartered in Quebec, now has 30 employees For 2021, sales have reached 3 million.


Similarly, an artificial intelligence software called Scinia is the key to their success. It is thanks to him that the skin and needs of each client are assessed online. The collected data is then used to create recipes that will be suitable for each person.

Rachel Seguin, 27, explains, “I worked with artificial intelligence specialists, dermatologists and facial recognition specialists to create Scinia.” To offer the right product, it takes proper analysis. Scinia analyzes and recommends the right ingredients, the right texture, the right smell. And now technology considers allergies. We went to find a large database on allergies and we were able to go further in our diagnosis. A

How does it work? By visiting the Omy Laboratoires site, the consumer completes a questionnaire. We ask her how old she is, whether she is taking medication, if she has any allergies and above all what treatment she wants: dark circles, redness, acne, wrinkles …

To improve the service, we ask customers who wish to submit a photo to do a better analysis of the pores and redness. Once the data is collected, the products are made in the laboratory. They are usually ready within 24 to 48 hours and then shipped directly to customers.

For example, a 30ml jar of custom-made day cream sells for $ 64.99, which is equivalent to the list price. “We don’t go through a distribution network. Selling directly to consumers allows us to avoid intermediaries, “she saidMe Séguin, to explain its selling price.

Another advantage of buying made-to-measure products: Freshness.

We often forget that the product we bought on the shelves was made two years ago. It is time to reduce all the antioxidants and ingredients that are supposed to be effective, at least partially.

Rachelle Séguin, co-founder of Omy Laboratoires

Importantly, Omy Laboratories makes products that are made for both men and women. “It was something that bothered me in the cosmetics industry, acknowledging Rachel Seguin. There is a lot of gender inequality. Often men’s products are cheaper, there are fewer options, it’s very limited. Our offer is gender neutral.”

The future

The two young women have many plans for the future. From next year, for environmental reasons, they want to be able to offer recycled plastic refills to their customers who can always keep the same container this way.

They want to create an application to follow the evolution of each customer’s skin and adapt the products accordingly.

With its new laboratories, where workers have been working for two months, the company may try to move through the outskirts of Quebec.

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