“There was no violence except sprinkling whipped cream on his hat” – Mukti

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Christoph and Olivier, teachers at the college in Montergis, have claimed that spraying cream on the former national education minister was not predictable. Through “Libé”, they assure that you want to condemn his “parachuting” in Loiret and the policy when he was in charge of Rue de Grenelle.

Among the strawberries, tomatoes and cherries, they looked red when they saw their former minister. As they were filling their baskets at the Montergis market, on Saturday morning, June 4, Christophe and Olivier, professors of plastic arts and technology at the college, 51 and 57, sprayed Jean-Michel spread with whipped cream. The former education minister was campaigning for a majority in the 4th seat of the presidency.

The two teachers, who claimed their actions were not premeditated, are being tried for now “Violence in a meeting that does not result in complete disability for work”, According to the Montargis prosecution. The two defendants will appear before the prosecutor on July 4 for a pre-confession hearing, a procedure that makes it possible to quickly prosecute offenders who have confessed to the crime. Olivier and Christophe explained their gestures Release.

Why did you sprinkle Jean-Michel Blanker with whipped cream?

Buying our strawberries on Saturday morning, we thought back to Sibeth Ndiaye’s words [au sujet de la polémique des instituteurs qui pourraient aller aider les agriculteurs] When he was the government spokesman, during the first lockdown: “We don’t want to tell a teacher who is not working today, because the school is closed, to cut gregarious strawberries across France.” Forgetting distant schools, forgetting that we keep looking after the children of caring, police officers, supermarket workers …

We didn’t know Jean-Michel Blanker would be there, we didn’t pre-plan our gestures. But when we saw that his parties were present, we thought it was time to perpetuate the old tradition of piling up to show our disagreement with the policy that was followed when he was a minister and when he was parachuting into the legislature in Loire. In order not to hurt him, we supported the whipped cream, which made it possible not to have physical contact. Contrary to what was reported, he was not insulted, there was no violence except for sprinkling cream on his hat.

How was your arrest?

We were immediately arrested, one by one of our LREM staff, the other by a white-clad policeman with a belt around him. We expected it. On the other hand, we were even more surprised later. The judicial response was immediate and strong. Two police cars came and took us to the police station where we were in police custody for seven or eight hours, which seemed a bit extravagant to us. Jean-Michel Blanker has filed a complaint. We have been interrogated twice. After acknowledging the truth, we were told that we were being sued “It simply came to our notice then [aggravante] Events that were promised at a meeting “.

What do you blame Jean-Michel Blanker for?

We have been teaching at REP for over 20 years. In recent years, we’ve become accustomed to working in the face of a lot of violence: a dramatic coveted period, difficult situations where students drop out of crowded classes, a national education system that employs temporary workers, and struggles to attract professions, lack of a budget, staff Index point freezing and declining purchasing power অনেক many factors that have significantly contributed to the deterioration of our work.

We “humans” have nothing against Blanquer. It is not a story of a person, it is a story of principle. A policy that has already dismantled the hospital and one more public administration after disbanding the judiciary. And to see this politician, the former national education minister, parachute into a region that he doesn’t know about these elections when we know very well that he will not return, he is only interested in being elected to the legislature… how can he not see a certain obscenity there?

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