Twice as many students will participate in educational activities this summer

All summer, more than 80,000 students across the province, nearly double last year, will engage in activities that will help them remember what they learned in the past school year. For some young people, it’s just a question of continuing to speak a little French.

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Mary-Eve Morase

Mary-Eve Morase
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“In our program, we have a lot of kids who don’t have books at home. A

The agency’s director general, Jeunesse Loyola, Christine Richardson, explained that not all young people in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace district are equal when it comes to summer vacations.

“There is a big difference between the students in different schools in the area. Those who do not have access to the same resources back in the summer [en classe] And there is a pronounced delay compared to others, “he said.Me Richardson.

By “wealth”, the director does not mean to register for an intensive course in mid-July, but young people have access to things that may seem obvious, such as books.

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Christine Richardson, executive director of Junes Loyola

Let’s turn to the biodome. You don’t necessarily think your child is learning, but he does. Play football as a team: you can learn, you socialize, but there are registration fees.

Christine Richardson, executive director of Junes Loyola

The summer camp offered by the organization will be one of 200 projects implemented across the province known as “summer slides”, meaning the loss of skills acquired during the school year that sometimes occurs during the holidays.

This was one of the priorities set by the government to reduce the gap between students two years after the epidemic, and the Quebec Network for Educational Success (RQRE) was chosen to improve youth activities.

Audrey McKinnon, director general of RQRE, explains that the money invested in Quebec has made it possible to reach more young people.

“Educational success doesn’t just happen in schools. We are aware of the role that organizations that work with young people in summer can play in school perseverance, “said Mrs.Me McKinnon.

An opportunity to continue speaking French

Parents of 70 children will be welcomed at Loyola Youth Camp this summer without having to pay anything. Not even dinner. They are all recommended by nearby teachers, who target students for whom the consequences of being away from school for a few months are greatest.

During the camp, which runs all summer, the youngsters will go to the swimming pool at La Ronde, but will probably play “a little more bingo” to learn at the same time. Teens will keep a log of what they do in their day, a story they keep writing.

Photo courtesy of Loyola Youth

The youth participated in the Loyola Youth Camp in the summer of 2021.

For some who have French as their second, third or even fourth language, this will be an opportunity to continue speaking French above all else.

In Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, “almost everything that happens in the community is in English,” she said.Me Richardson, and it has been observed that young people in reception classes after summer sometimes completely lose their proficiency in French, which has a definite effect on the “academic performance, socialization, confidence” of these students.

In total, about 2,500 places will be frequently targeted by young people through projects supported by the Quebec Network for Educational Success.

The projects will focus on literature, math, physical activity, but also on interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes parks will be added to youth centers, libraries and day camps. The idea is to reach out to “those who don’t have the same chances as others,” said the RQRE director general.

“Studies estimate that it may take up to a month for school to drop out again. This young man lives with this gap throughout the beginning of the year. We want to reduce that to give everyone a chance to start their school year well and build something tough, ”concludes Audrey McKinnon.

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Are you worried that your kids will lose what they learned from the school year on their summer vacation?

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  • 75%
    Proportion of projects targeting children from disadvantaged backgrounds in activities assigned to young people

    Proportion of projects aimed at children with learning disabilities among activities given to young people

    Source: Quebec Network for Educational Success

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