Alethea has launched Fusion to combine NFT, AI characters and games

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Alethea launches AI Fusion, a platform that combines blockchain resources, intelligent AI characters and games.

Fusion is a user-generated AI platform that will bring non-flammable tokens (NFTs) to life as iNFTs, smart, interactive NFTs. This will enable new types of games, such as the battle of wits between humans and NFT AI characters.


The first NFT community partnership with Alethia is called the Fame Lady Squad, which will be able to combine 10,000 NFT with unique, unique and valuable AI personalities, ”said Arif Khan, CEO of Alethia AI in an interview with Gamesbit.

Fame Lady avatars will no longer be just static images, but will be able to create written content, recite poems, create videos and music, and interact with their creators in real time, ushering in a new generation of interactive avatars. Based on blockchain and resources

“There is no need to start with NFT and end with JPEG; They don’t have to be static or static, ”Khan said. “Instead, they can be engaging, interactive and helpful. By integrating these NFTs with advanced AI tools, we have the superpower to be a useful participant in their emerging metavars.”

The Fame Lady Squad NFT will be able to officially merge with Alethia’s Personality Pod collection, which will be available on OpenSea. Once you combine a supported collection and a personality module, you’ll create an iNFT that’s live on Noah’s Ark, Alethea’s Intelligent Metaverse.

An iNFT sits on their character carousel, ready to offer AI services In the future, more NFT collections will be available for Fusion through a selection process called Alethea AI iNFT Launchpad.

Alethia AI combines AI and blockchain games.

Currently, iNFTs is able to offer three AI services that enable content creation and interactivity: recitation, broadcasting, and interactivity. Recitation lets you upload your own audio which iNFT then lip-syncs. Broadcast lets you create a personalized video using iNFT’s voice. Interact provides the unique experience of being able to communicate with iNFT in real time, asking it questions such as “What is your favorite metaver?” “What is the meaning of life?”

Future AI services available will include Generation of Art, copywriting and editing, music creation, and interoperability and other metavers.

“Increasingly useful to the Fame Lady Squad community is incredibly exciting. The merger marks a historic turning point, not only for athletes who already have personality modules, but also for NFT natives and tourists who are involved with the resource who have never been before. At Alethia, we are proud to lead this paradigm shift and look forward to ushering in a new era of smart NFT, ”Khan said.

As an iNFT on Noah’s Ark, holders will be rewarded with an ALI Utility Token based on how frequently other visitors to Noah’s Ark interact with iNFT. So, based on the popularity of iNFT, holders make money in Noah’s Ark ecosystem. At first, people will be able to challenge AI characters in the battle of intelligence, but later iNFTs will be able to challenge iNFT, Khan said.

The model of earnings from this train is detailed in the Alethia white paper. This is the first time any NFT owner can inject artificial intelligence technology into that NFT, creating a whole new asset.

“At Fame Lady Squad, we aim to empower Web3 artists, creators and entrepreneurs. Fusion opens up new opportunities for members of our community to enhance the usefulness of their Fame Lady NFT, allowing them to create a custom personality for their favorite NFT and create more content with this resource. We’re thrilled to be one of Fusion’s first launch partners, and we can’t wait to see what our community builds, “Bored Becky said in a statement.

In June 2021, Alicia AI partnered with Robert Ellis and Sotheby’s in a smart NFT dubbed Alice. It earned 500,000. He also launched a collection of 10,000 “personality pods” NFT with OpenSea.

A live fusion demo

Arif Khan
Arif Khan is the CEO of Alethia AI.

The idea of ​​Fusion is that you can pair one NFT with another in a blockchain, resulting in an INFT superpower, said Ahmed Matiana, COO of Alethia AI, in an interview. Some of the characters in Alethea AI are pre-trained AI who behave like historical characters like Cleopatra. You can chat with these characters, which uses artificial intelligence technology owned by Alethea AI, such as internal language models. It is ready to create characters with personality. By associating a familiar character like Cleopatra with a personality mode, you can create a new version of that character.

Alethea AI’s Noah’s Ark metaverse where it performs the aggregation process. Once you fuse the INFT, you could be involved in an intelligence war, so there could be an intelligence war with someone like your character Cleopatra, like Alan Turing. If your combined personality pods and character win the battle, you can win rewards. I saw a demo where a bored Ape character hosted Noah’s Ark to walk me through the fusing process.

I chose a gamer personality, then Khan combined my gamer personality with Alan Turing’s character, resulting in an iNFT. I could also choose the voice of the character. Then my character gets involved in a voice-to-text debate with another character.

The subject of our debate was “Does Exotic Animals Exist?” So my Alan Turing character rose up against Khan in this debate. Khan opposes a claim by Turing that it was an error of inclusion. For a while, Khan and Turing engaged in a verbal argument. According to the AI ​​judge on the Alethia AI engine, Khan showed Turing’s position to be inconsistent and thus he won the intelligence war.

“It’s a product that will improve over time,” Khan said. “There is a consistent score that allows the engine to be more powerful as more datasets are created. This language model is trained with INFT which is an on-chain resource.

Alice is an AI and an iNFT.
Alice is an AI and an iNFT.

Khan said the more users enter the ecosystem and take advantage of what the platform generates, the better the company’s data set will be.

“When they strengthen AI, so do protocols,” he said. “Because we offer rewards in a positive way for the network. We are moving out of the era of user-generated content and I think we are entering the era of user-generated AI. A

During this time, users create their own AI characters and their own iNFT. People will interact with these characters. Open AI has begun to push it differently with DALL-E, which uses AI to create art. This is something that Khan Alethia is studying with AI.

The company has about 100 employees and raised $ 31.5 million through token sales.

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