Apple has unveiled its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro M2 and future iOS 16 …

With Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2 chip.

It was expected. Apple unveiled its future iOS 16 mobile operating system at its WWDC 2022 Developers Conference on Monday evening, but also unveiled watchOS 9, macOS Ventura, without mentioning the final iPadOS. He has introduced his latest MacBook Air and another 13-inch MacBook Pro, equipped with its dashing M2 chip, faster, and especially better in terms of graphics!

Towards iOS 16 and Apple wacthOS 9, we especially notice improvements to the dictation system and the home screen of iOS 16. This way you can configure your iPhone’s lock screen very finely, for example, apparently passing the time behind the head of one of its relatives.

An advanced notification system

Different styles are also offered to suit the characters and the general look. Even better, the notification system has been redesigned so that they only appear in groups at the bottom of the screen. These are configurable or rather configurable enough by the developers!

In the same vein, Apple has redesigned the way messages work. This way it is possible to correct a message already sent or delete it as soon as an error is noticed. Thanks to the algorithms, it is also possible to quickly integrate a cropped image according to Apple’s Keynote.

With Apple MacBook Air 2022 M2 chip.

Plans are shifted to higher gear

In addition to updating Apple Wallet and Apple Pay (later), dictation mode needs to be specified which has been improved. The keyboard is now visible and it is possible to modify or add data directly. It is even possible to point to emoticons!

At the same time, Apple is improving Maps, as Google Maps progresses. Switzerland will also be affected in the second phase and will be one of the first countries to benefit quickly from the new implementation, as is the possibility of planning multiple stops. Finally, let’s mention new options for sharing photos with family or security.

Sportier WatchOS 9!

Next to the WatchOS 9, we also offer four new dials, one for the astronomical type and another for children. Notification systems and Siri integration have also been improved, such as sleep tracking with monitoring of different stages of sleep. Apple Watch also says to take medicine now!

Again, Apple does not neglect sports and especially racing. Thanks to a new layout and new algorithm, it indicates the heart zone and the type / length of your stride to run more efficiently. Even better, these indicators can also be found directly in the iPhone’s health app.

A new super-vitamin M2 chip!

Apple has introduced its new M2 chip, which again stands for its reduced power costs. With its more efficient integrated RAM system and an integrated graphics component, we can see that the CPU is 18% faster. For the graphic part, it’s up to 35% faster, at the top, according to Cupertino.

The M2 chip, either second-generation, has been developed for artificial intelligence (neural engine) or video decoding. The M2 is thus optimized for decoding video in 4K, but also in 8K! Something special to support nomadic computing …

And a new MacBook Air!

In fact, Apple has launched a new MacBook Air with this new processor capable of handling 24 GB of RAM. For the same 1.2 kg weight, its volume has been reduced by 2%, but with a Maxafe charger, an audio mini-jack port and a brighter screen and a 1080p camera.

Apple has taken more care of the audio part by working on stereo and spatial audio. Finally, thanks to the M2 chip, there are no fans and above all 18 hours of video playback. Thanks to a 67W fast charging system, 50% charge is possible in just 30 minutes.

MacBook Pro and macOS Ventura

Also, Apple has unveiled a new 13-inch MacBook Pro capable of playing 20 hours of video and similarly unveiled the functionality of the ultimate Apple Silicon. Video editors will especially appreciate the new graphics capabilities of the M2 chip, not to mention the advanced 4K / 8K decoding …

Apparently, Apple didn’t forget to upgrade the MacOS, which would switch to the Ventura version. It significantly introduces Windows and Stage Manager for optimized multitasking. Optimization that will be available on useful iPadOS. Finally, spotlight search on the iPadOS and iPhone is becoming more visual and efficient. See you this autumn …

Xavier Studer

Full details on Apple’s website

MacBook Pro 13.3 8C CPU / 10C GPU / 8GB / 256GB 1449 CHF.-
MacBook Pro 13.3 8C CPU / 10C GPU / 8GB / 512GB CHF 1669.-
MacBook Air 13.6 8C GPU / 8GB / 256GB CHF 1379.-
MacBook Air 13.6 10C GPU / 8GB / 512GB CHF 1699.-

Austria, Euro
MacBook Pro 13.3 8C CPU / 10C GPU / 8GB / 256GB EUR 1599.-
MacBook Pro 13.3 8C CPU / 10C GPU / 8GB / 512GB 1829 Euro.-
MacBook Air 13.6 8C GPU / 8GB / 256GB Euro 1499.-
MacBook Air 13.6 10C GPU / 8GB / 512GB EUR 1849.-

35W Dual USB-C Power Adapter EUR / CHF 65.-
67W USB-C power adapter EUR / CHF 65.-
30W USB-C power adapter. EUR / CHF 45.-

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